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Olubola Adepoju (Jewel) is a young poet who believes that poetry is to life as breath is. She has written a lot of interesting and heartfelt poems, articles and stories; published and unpublished. Her avid love for poetry and words are behind the success of her poems. As a Nigerian she derives inspiration from the situation of her country, nature ...

Olubola Adepoju Poems

The Voice Of My Heart

Every now and then nature voices out

Listening to her heartbeat

Judge Not, My Beloved

Close your eyes to it, my beloved,
You did not notice it, tell yourself,
View it from a new perspective,
And you will know, it's not a lie

All Things Work Together For Our Good

Sometimes we feel we are on the wrong path

The journey feels so rough!

A Starry Night

A cool night
A starry night
A night so full of wonders
So cool it has no clue what it can do to the soul of man

The Very Pen

The Very Pen

I want to hold my pen

Olubola Adepoju Quotes

19 January 2018

Even the forest has a pathway. Not of its own but of the walker, not of the walker but of the focus born of a dream. All in all there is a pathway.

08 November 2018

Poetry is an art, you fall in love with, over and over again

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God's Love Adepoju 04 March 2017

This was written in contribution to promoting peace in the society.

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