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Red the colour of blood
the symbol of life
Red the colour of danger

It was over in a twinkle of an eye
My blood pressure rose very high
I didn't know whether to smile or cry
My rainy moment have suddenly become dry



Green the colour of the mind
the symbol of hope

From time past his joy never last
always suffering from sorrow blast
good moments never appear fast
troubles are always coming in vast

Each day of the week I wake up smiling
I step out of my house always laughing
The moment I get outside I start crying
My fellow country people are suffering


Blue the colour of friendship
The symbol of importance

Blue the colour of the ocean

We hope for a better tomorrow
Yet still borrow from sorrow
Putting thorns in our meadow
Aggravating the pain in our bone marrow

Each time you gave me your love
I took it for granted
I wasn't deserving of your love
Yet you gave me access granted

A smile from you
Make my world glitter as gold
Whispers from you
leave me with Joy to behold

For my beauty queen
On her beautiful birthday
My one true love
Through hills and valleys

Precious calm lovely night fall
bringing hope for tomorrow
eradicating today’s sorrow
shipping them away with its barrow

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Red the colour of blood
the symbol of life
Red the colour of danger
the symbol of death

Red the colour of roses
the symbol of beauty
Red the colour of lovers
the symbol of unity

Red the colour of tomato
the symbol of good health
Red the colour of hot fire
the symbol of burning desire

Red the colour of power
the symbol of energy
Red the colour of wine
the symbol of celebration

Red the primary colour
the symbol of production
Red the colour of carpet
the symbol of honour

Red the colour of card
the symbol of eviction
Red the colour an account
the symbol of emptiness

Red the colour of an alert
the symbol of readiness

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