oio ZIGA Poems

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Captivated By Her Grace

The warmth of desire burns bright
As I gaze upon a beauty unrivalled,
A mesmerizing sight that fills me with delight,
A soul so pure, like a dream of angelic beings.

Nike: Love Note

It doesn't have to make sense,
Its the flower of light in the field of darkness.
It gives the strength to carry on.
I don't move by sight...

Started From The Bottom: Now We'Re Here!

Drake was right
That we all did start from the bottom.
We build our lives from ground to the top.
We toil and we survive the odds

Harrowing Life

It is a life of struggle and strife.
Even the seer screams of cosmic mischief.
Peace once thrived on this land.
Now perverted by violence and death.

Shall You Rise Oh Patriots

When shall the Patriots rise
For the Heroes days as of the Prophets is long stale.
The eagle's wings are clipped
The horses speed has slowed.

Enchanted Babble

Blitz the heaven's gates unhinged.
Rush the green streets with fearsome fairness
Flood the gray fray with mystical poison.
Plunder the Pandora from the blazing paws of three.

In Awe Of Ibiyemi

Like the first yellow sun in the morning sky
The first wave kissing the longing coast lines
Your majestic gait lulled my heart.
Like a breathless awe lilting a restless soul

Lustful Dementia

Look into my lustful countenance
As I fantasize about our imaginary love
Your eyes are a constellation.
Kiss locked and thighs entangled

The Pain Of My Beloved Village

The powers threw the village in peech darkness
Just as I thought the ancestral God's might pitty.
But the enchanted clouds rumbled their brag
And the dreaded thunder clapping his disdain

Pink Bundle Of Joy

It is a bundle of joy
In an ocean of healing lights
And sweet scenting presence
Of smiling angels in blue feathers.

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