Onyi Ogwumike

Onyi Ogwumike Poems

1. I Think Its Over 12/10/2010
2. My Run-On Sentence 12/10/2010
3. Survey Lit,1st Period 12/10/2010
4. If The Sun Had Arms 12/10/2010
5. I Can'T Wait Till I Fall Asleep 12/10/2010
6. The Darker The Berry 12/10/2010
7. My Truth 12/10/2010
8. Ignorance Is Bliss 12/10/2010
9. Your Variation 12/10/2010
10. Cleaned Slate 12/10/2010
11. Cinnamon Sticks Staining The Etchings 12/10/2010
12. Alter Ego 12/10/2010
13. Phoenix Wings Ablaze 12/10/2010
14. Laugh 12/10/2010
15. Sun-Loved 1/10/2011
16. Questions To A Hated Love 1/10/2011
17. Like Sonata 1/10/2011
18. Laughter 1/10/2011
19. Jesica One S Missing 2/14/2011
20. Burning Bridges 2/14/2011
21. Just One... 2/14/2011
22. Lift Please. 2/14/2011
23. Miss Rouge To Theo 2/23/2011
24. Nothing. 3/2/2011
25. Museum Of Science And Industry Storm Exhibit 3/2/2011
26. Just A Teenager 3/2/2011
27. Theo To Miss Rouge 3/3/2011
28. My Forehead Pounds 3/10/2011
29. Freedom 3/10/2011
30. Fall 3/10/2011
31. Warmth 3/10/2011
32. A Great Death Hath Occurred 5/31/2011
33. Side Effects 5/31/2011
34. A Second Meeting 5/31/2011
35. Internal Battle I 5/31/2011
36. At Times... 5/31/2011
37. Night's Bliss 5/31/2011
38. No. I Don'T 5/31/2011
39. Good Times Past 9/2/2011
40. Pursuing Perfection 9/2/2011

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Had these walls souls,
Would they sing of our gardens.
As my fences spread,
Parting in tense lust.
To plant my tulips
Upon your rich, dark soil.
Quickened breath bubbling in my veins,
I run my fingers through your tangles magenta vines of luxurious beauty.
Through your tripping heartbeat,
Which hops over its own two feet
Falling head first among my pulsing blossoms.
Our kisses reverberating off these walls,
Had they souls,
Would they sing of our gardens.

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The Darker The Berry

The mirror cracks as I glare it down triumphant.
Now that it lays domed on your tongue, answer me this.
How sweet is your berry?
The one you raised on an ivory pillar while you bury the rest under slabs of ebony.
Little do you realize the glitter in the silk of the night sky, little do you realize that in fact the darker the berry the sweeter the taste.
Singeing your taste buds, your honey turns to poison.
While I watch, eyes wide. They scream while I stay silent. My mouth stitched shut

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