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I see the young, I see the old,
I see their every face.
I see the world in sands of time,
With oceans in the race.

We will have no more than a life to own,
We will reap, sure, what we have sown;
There will be years of despondence,
They can be good by a happy tone.

Why walk with soul so dead?
Why move as to pretend?
Why eat with such a dread?
Why drink with easing bend?

Ah! Islamic republic of Pakistan! Isn't it so?
By the facts n' figures and truth n' lies it is not.
The cheery land, once deserved by them;
We do not merit this. Oh! What a shame?

O' What a throbbing attitude,
For my delicious solitude.

For on the grass yet greenly still,
And in the gardens of the hill.

Along the road in the morning,
I saw the sun horning n' horning.
I saw the sky; turning blue,
I saw the light giving the clue.

While the trees will give me the thoughts I need,
For the life of roses beneath the leaves,
There's a light for me and for everyone,
To repay the shadows of days and eves.

I am the throne of self-esteem,
Just ‘I' and ‘me, my vigilant team;

I will do wonders when believed,

The big fire ball,
The biggest of them all,
is making the stall.

It seems as if to deceive is nice;
as if your power has struck once more.
It seems as if you can be bad,
and have the last laugh.

This burn you see on everyone's mind
and bodies, is nothing more;
but signs of life.
That scar you see that life is marring,

The stars have burnt all what they had,
And I have learnt that everyone's mad.
Yet madness comes, though, from within;
Be it the bumps through thick and thin.

Not pure of heart are we
Our souls are full of hate
All else shall go in vain
Our petrifying state!

I feel like flying with the wind,
I feel like snowing all around.
I feel like seeing something new,
I feel like hearing nature's sound.

Before the world of lazy fellows,
The man has proved himself aback.
And in the race of pains and gains,
He led by good by far the track.

Am I to live as to live my life?
Am I to burn in the fire of fate?
Am I to learn what I know not?
Am I to seek the will to thrive?


Life is to feel, to enjoy, to swim.
In the meadows of wonder,
‘Tis to plough the rough valleys
Of deeply rooted yet unsettled motion.

The truth of life, the wealthiest health,
The cause of good, a happiest act.
The need of love, the sky above;
We are afraid to face the fact.

How poor unfortunate souls they are;
Who neither know nor care to know,
What causes purity in the snow,
What causes sunshine in the hay.

The winds are hot, the summer is deep.
The place is taught to weep and weep.

The blazing air on marshy lands,

Osama Waqar Biography

AOA.My name is Osama Waqar and I study at fauji foundation college for boys, rawalpindi in FSc. I write both in English and Urdu. I am really moved with the thoughts of Allama Iqbal in Urdu and Khalil Gibran in English. My aim is to become someone sufficient to the world. Knowing that I cannot, I always try to pay my Pakistan back what it has done for me. I request the readers to read my poetry carefullly with the fact that it's meaning is open to anyone. As, in literature, two and two don't make four, anyone may take out any moral from my poems. My poetry teaches that we should have an optimistic approach towards life and deem the matters more logically and undogmatically. Please do comment. Sheer thanks.May God bless us.)

The Best Poem Of Osama Waqar

"To The Students&Quot;

I see the young, I see the old,
I see their every face.
I see the world in sands of time,
With oceans in the race.
I see you going school-high school,
Where through silence wades.
I see your quarrels rise with age,
Your love but never fades.
I see you going to colleges,
Your life with highs and lows.
I see you in the sky and dream,
You really know your foes (?) .
And when you learn to work and trust,
And rise above the odds;
To strive n' thrive with zeal and zest.
To fight against the frauds.
With faith in God, you'll get the chance,
To blow the sands of time;
And offer me, "Osama! We have
Made your every rhyme.

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The Reader 04 September 2012

Osama, a strong sanguine voice... a blossoming poet; gifted with couplet-composition move on with your insightful poetry... Best Wishes! ! !

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