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Oscar Mireles Poems

1. Lost And Found Marriage 5/15/2005
2. My First Taste Of The Importance Of A College Education 1/7/2006
3. Labor Of Love, Intermixed With Plastic Tubes, Straps And Bedpans 1/8/2006
4. Ypsilanti Xicanas 1/8/2006
5. Finding A New Word In The 'street Dictionary' Is A Lttle Harder 1/8/2006
6. Finding Your Final Resting Place Wasn'T Easy 1/8/2006
7. This Marriage Proposal Was Not Written Down On A Napkin 1/8/2006
8. Baby In The Bathwater 5/23/2005
9. Diego’s Mom Takes Bonding Lessons In A Home Study Course 1/6/2006
10. The Other Woman In My Life 1/7/2006
11. The Fireman's Least Favorite Hiding Place 1/8/2006
12. The Family Of Doctors Crosses Cultural And National Borders 1/8/2006
13. The Last Dance Ended Before The Song Was Over 1/8/2006
14. I Was Able To Get A Fake Press Pass To The State Wrestling Tournament 1/2/2006
15. Katrina Means Cleansing 1/3/2006
16. The Annual Hometown Fiesta Weekends Always Had More In Store Than I Bargained For 1/6/2006
17. B-I-N-G-O Is Not A Four Letter Word 1/6/2006
18. Three Lined Verses On The Birth Of My First Child 1/6/2006
19. Smells Just Like Yesterday 5/27/2005
20. I Hate Atolle 6/1/2005
21. Music Doesn'T Taste The Same Anymore 1/2/2006
22. The String That Ties Us Together 1/2/2006
23. Divorce Is One Of The Easier Reasons To Change Your Address At The Post Office 1/2/2006
24. The Researcher Tried To Explain The Reasons Black Girls Get Pregnant 1/2/2006
25. Romance And Reality 1/2/2006
26. Five Finger Mexican Style Revolver Roulette 1/7/2006
27. Listening To Conversations At The Gym While I Worry About My Athletes Foot 6/20/2006
28. The Almost 9 Minutes Car Ride 5/6/2010
29. My Birthday Was Different This Year 1/2/2006
30. Courage Is Setting Yourself Free 1/2/2006
31. If You Take Care Of Them, New Shoes Can Last A Long Time 1/2/2006
32. Eightyfive Pound Racine Junior High School City Wrestling Champion 1/2/2006
33. History Lessons Are Programmed To Repeat Themselves, Until We Learn To Change 1/8/2006
34. Diego’s Ninety Day Follow-Up Check In 1/8/2006
35. The Wrestlers Funeral 5/17/2005
36. Eyewitness To Shooting That Could Have Been Me 5/17/2005
37. 'Love Mexican Style' Is Not A Reality Television Show 1/8/2006
38. Electronic Touching 10/26/2005
39. Hey Soos 1/3/2006
40. My Mother Is A Social Worker Who Works In A Hospital 1/3/2006

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Assassination Day

In the seventh grade in 1968,
playing football on the school playground
I heard that
Martin Luther King Jr.
had been assassinated,

Some kids cried,
other students didn’t know what to feel
I felt a little sad.

I headed up to the third floor classroom
for my fourth period class
at Washington Junior High School,
I realized I had to step it up a bit
cause I was running late...

As I turned the corner and
shot up the final set of stairs
I saw an unfamiliar black face

at the top of the stairwell
with his eyes...

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It Could Be Worse

I guess it started to get worse
when I decided to build my own house
in a sweat equity program
and by the time we got to the fourth month of working
and I barely had a roof on my house
I started dating women
who thought I was marriage material
because I had building materials
in my front yard

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