RoseAnn V. Shawiak Overcoming Poems

Overcoming Sadness

Knowing nothing of what is going on, yet I am not trusted by one I love.
Tangling up my mind like ivy growing wild, there is no sense in being meek and mild.
Everyone else is allowed to have free will, when I try - I am despised.
Forever sending away things which are held dear - noting everything is carried away by other people's dreams -

Overcoming And Eluding

Listening to breezes of heaven's angels whispering quietly in
my mind, telling of all the wonder and awe that I will yet be
seeing in life.


Wandering through life looking for goals that will satisfy
my soul alone, catching sparks of energy, being led by my
spirit into many avenues of difficulty.

Persistence In Overcoming

Life at times falls to ruins no matter what we do, nothing
makes a difference, living in this uncertain world gives us
much doubt and mistrust.

Granddaughter Overcoming Shyness

Watching my nine year old Granddaughter dancing with others
upon the dance floor.

Looking like a professional, filled with rhythm, stepping

Overcoming Power

Lightening quick diplomacy heading my way
as I delve into a private abode alone.
Sacrificing nothing, but some time alone,
always being alone, no one to turn to.

Overcoming Difficulties

Riding into the darkness,
dim headlights showing the way.
Running into obstacles, barriers,
difficulties - all in the way -

Error Success