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In The Silence Of My Mind!

In the silence of my mind I found your love my darling,
you came to life like the night's gentle winds.
When dawn broke to a new day you my love turned from a bright
star, to the heaven's new sun, 'In love again we began With falling rains, to feel our midday's warmth. In the

This Day Called Christmas Doth Have Meaning

The Church of POE laid in despairing darkness yet chimes could be heard ringing off in the silence of this historic Night; Be Yee aware of the cold good friend you travel without a warming coat and your shoes are soulless there was little Light!
I can see you not Sir, just as well spoke the talking shadow I might well scare you by my dress but Sir I have no Fear; By the shifting winds he identified himself as I am a traveler and very low on funds I call myself Debbor Punn who be your Sir, Perhaps my Peer!
Not so good Sir, now he spoke in whispers the cold sweeping winds shot over the Edgar doorway then this spiraling jaded light broke the Blackness; Caught again on the freezing stone steps he yelled and your name Sir, well Sir I am just a ghost call me Allen, again a surging arch of cascading colors of Alienness!
Just as good Debbor became accustomed to the coloring spectrum it grew dim before each foot a silver slipper laid in bright ; Dust in the form of new sprinkling snow filled the air still the shadow spoke your life has been hard Debbor Punn would you like to hear about Mine!

A Glorious Face

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