Padraic Colum

(8 December 1881 – 11 January 1972 / County Longford)

Padraic Colum Poems

1. Crane 4/20/2010
2. Dedication: To M. C. M. C. 4/20/2010
3. Humming-Bird 4/20/2010
4. Dedicatory Poem: To George Sigerson, Poet And Scholar 4/20/2010
5. Garadh 4/20/2010
6. Hawaiian 4/20/2010
7. Kalmuck Bride 4/20/2010
8. Hornets 4/20/2010
9. Gilderoy 4/20/2010
10. David Ap Gwillam At The Mass Of The Birds 4/20/2010
11. Dublin Roads 4/20/2010
12. In Memory Of John Butler Yeats 4/20/2010
13. Dermott Donn Macmorna 4/20/2010
14. Queen Gormlai 4/20/2010
15. Swallow 4/20/2010
16. Men On Islands 4/20/2010
17. Laburnums 4/20/2010
18. In The Carolina Woods 4/20/2010
19. Jackdaw 4/20/2010
20. Odysseus: In Memory Of Arthur Griffith 4/20/2010
21. Fuchsia Hedges In Connacht 4/20/2010
22. Imitation Of A Welsh Poem 4/20/2010
23. Pigeons 4/20/2010
24. Verses For Alfeo Faggi's Stations Of The Cross 4/20/2010
25. The Toy-Maker 4/20/2010
26. Spinning Songs 4/20/2010
27. The Rune-Master 4/20/2010
28. The Beggar's Child 4/20/2010
29. Girls Spinning 4/20/2010
30. Condors 4/20/2010
31. Breffne Caoinc 4/20/2010
32. Legend 4/20/2010
33. Sojourning And Wandering 4/20/2010
34. The Terrible Robber Men 4/20/2010
35. King Cahill's Farewell To The Rye Field 4/20/2010
36. Reminiscence 4/20/2010
37. Wild Ass 4/20/2010
38. Plovers 4/20/2010
39. Blades 4/20/2010
40. The Wayfarer 4/20/2010

Comments about Padraic Colum

  • Alison (3/31/2020 8:03:00 AM)

    My mother used to talk about my uncle Padraic and his friendship with James Joyce. I grew up believing he was a great writer and have had no reason to change my view now I am older.

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  • zudrejigna (9/24/2019 3:42:00 PM)

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  • Michael McKernon (3/24/2019 2:17:00 PM)

    The great Irish poet Padraic Fiacc dedicated a poem to Colm. It was called 'GOODBYE TO COLUM'. Fiacc knew Colm and was much inspired by him in New York during the 1940's. He even took the pen name 'Fiacc' (Dark Bird) , opposite to Colm's, (Dove) , as a tribute to Colm.

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  • Isaac (12/3/2018 8:21:00 AM)

    this is like hitler and spongebob had a baby they would come out looking k=like that srry jokes

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  • Philomena grey (8/30/2018 7:41:00 AM)

    My great uncle

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  • Lillian hassall (7/10/2018 6:15:00 PM)

    I love this gentleman’s poetry thank you

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Best Poem of Padraic Colum

An Idyll

You stay for a while beside me with your beauty young and rare,
Though your light limbs are as limber as the foal's that follows the mare;
Brow fair and young and tender where thought has scarce begun,
Hair bright as the breast of the eagle when he strains up to the sun!

In the space of a broken castle I found you on a day
When the call of the new-come cuckoo went with me all the way,
You stood by un-mortised stones that were rough and black with age,
The fawn beloved of the hunter in the panther's broken cage!

And we went down together by paths your childhood ...

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Two little creatures
with faces the size of
a pair of pennies
are clasping each other
"Ah do not leave me"
One says to the other
in the high monkey -
cage in the beast shop
there are no people

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