(4th century AD)

Palladas Poems

1. Wine's Oblivion 9/7/2015
2. Breathing 2/19/2016
3. Death by Surgeon 2/19/2016
4. The Donkey 2/19/2016
5. Enjoy the Present 2/19/2016
6. Every Woman 2/19/2016
7. Life Is a Perilous Voyage 2/19/2016
8. Life is a Theatre 2/19/2016
9. Life's Tempest 2/19/2016
10. Measuring the Universe 2/19/2016
11. Naked 2/19/2016
12. No More Epigrams 2/19/2016
13. On an Inanimate Actress 2/19/2016
14. A Sad Life 2/19/2016
15. Soul's Delight 2/19/2016
16. I Prefer the Golden Mean 2/19/2016
17. Waking 2/19/2016
18. Contentment in Old Age 6/16/2015
Best Poem of Palladas

Contentment in Old Age

The women mock me for being old,
Bidding me look at the wreck of my years in the mirror.
But I, as I approach the end of my life,
Care not whether I have white hair or black,
And with sweet-scented ointments
And crowns of lovely flowers and wine
I make heavy care to cease.

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Breathing the thin breath through our nostrils, we
Live, and a little space the sunlight see-
Even all that live- each being an instrument
To which the generous air its life has lent.
If with the hand one quench our draught of breath,
He sends the stark soul shuddering down to death.
We that are nothing on our pride are fed,
Seeing, but for a little air, we are as dead.

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