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My Smile

Yes I may be the weak,
But I'm the strongest one here,
It's just no one knows that it's him whom I fear,
Look into my eyes, for they tell a story so dark,
Watch my feet, to see the road that I've walked,
Examine my scars, to see the battles I've won,
Come closer to see the fear that I hide,

Now ask me some questions about my life,
And you'll see how nervous I get inside.
Hands start shaking
Feet start fidgeting....
Then the memories, the horrid memories that I so longed to forget,
They come back
Now Listen to how my speech will slur
Listen to the tremble in my voice,
Look up to see how my eyes are tearing up...
But then, look at my smile, the most deceiving part of me,
And then you'll believe when I say everything is alright.

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Paloma Castaneda Popularity

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