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It was Christmas Eve on a Friday
The shops was full of cheer,
With tinsel in the windows,

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is an English poet, comedian, songwriter and presenter of radio and television programmes. Her 1975 appearance on the television talent show Opportunity Knocks led to a variety of appearances on TV and radio shows, a one-woman touring stage show and performing before the Queen. Pam Ayres was born at Stanford in the Vale in the English county of Berkshire, now in Oxfordshire. After leaving Faringdon Secondary School at the age of 15, she joined the Civil Service as a clerical assistant and worked at the Army (RAOC) Central Ordnance Depot in Bicester. She soon left and signed up for the Women's Royal Air Force, where she worked in a drawing office dealing with operational maps,Whilst serving in the air force she gained O-level passes in English language and English literature and chose her career as an entertainer. She began reading her verses at the local folk club in Oxfordshire, and this led to an invitation to read on the local BBC Radio station in 1974. Her reading was re-broadcast nationally, and then broadcast again as one of the BBC's Pick of the Year. In September 2006, the BBC website stated that Bob Dylan inspired Ayres to write poetry, and in an interview (aired on Radio New Zealand's Nine To Noon programme, 24 October 2006) she added that, at the age of twelve, she enjoyed writing parodies of the Lonnie Donegan songs popular at that time.)

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Goodwill To Men - Give Us Your Money

It was Christmas Eve on a Friday
The shops was full of cheer,
With tinsel in the windows,
And presents twice as dear.
A thousand Father Christmases,
Sat in their little huts,
And folk was buying crackers
And folk was buying nuts.

All up and down the country,
Before the light was snuffed,
Turkeys they get murdered,
And cockerels they got stuffed,
Christmas cakes got marzipanned,
And puddin's they got steamed
Mothers they got desperate
And tired kiddies screamed.

Hundredweight's of Christmas cards,
Went flying through the post,
With first class postage stamps on those,
You had to flatter most.
Within a million kitchens,
Mince pies was being made,
On everyone's radio,
'White Christmas', it was played.

Out in the frozen countryside
Men crept round on their own,
Hacking off the holly,
What other folks had grown,
Mistletoe on willow trees,
Was by a man wrenched clear,
So he could kiss his neighbour's wife,
He'd fancied all the year.

And out upon the hillside,
Where the Christmas trees had stood,
All was completely barren,
But for little stumps of wood,
The little trees that flourished
All the year were there no more,
But in a million houses,
Dropped their needles on the floor.

And out of every cranny, cupboard,
Hiding place and nook,
Little bikes and kiddies' trikes,
Were secretively took,
Yards of wrapping paper,
Was rustled round about,
And bikes were wheeled to bedrooms,
With the pedals sticking out.

Rolled up in Christmas paper
The Action Men were tensed,
All ready for the morning,
When their fighting life commenced,
With tommy guns and daggers,
All clustered round about,
'Peace on Earth - Goodwill to Men'
The figures seemed to shout.

The church was standing empty,
The pub was standing packed,
There came a yell, 'Noel, Noel!'
And glasses they got cracked.
From up above the fireplace,
Christmas cards began to fall,
And trodden on the floor, said:
'Merry Christmas, to you all.'

Pam Ayres Comments

Halima Brewer 17 March 2018

I would like a copy of that poem My Little Grandson by Pam Ayres

40 8 Reply
Lesley Barnes 13 May 2018

I just heard Pam read a poem on the radio. I think it was called 'I'm driving home. Can you give me the whole text or where to find it please?

31 9 Reply
Libby Swindells 15 August 2018

try to find a poem of Pams called 'don't put me dinner on the slate' and cant find it anywhere

29 7 Reply
Sam Jones 09 May 2018

I would like the poem Fred the Racehorse to read at my auntie funeral.

22 11 Reply
Enid Katz 05 June 2018

I would love to read the poem about air travel to my kids and can't find it on the internet.

13 1 Reply
Derek 22 February 2022

Pans People (Poem please) .

0 0 Reply
Patricia Longson 06 August 2020

Heard on radio last few days, poem addressed to her sister? saying all the things we should say before parting.? ? Title

4 0 Reply
Debbie Stone 06 August 2020

I heard Jeans poem on the world at one.How beautiful. I was moved to tears and my dog had to comfort me

0 0 Reply
Linda H 15 February 2020

Is it possible to see Pam Ayers poem The Dinner Party. IU heard it on the radio

6 1 Reply
Hilary R 04 October 2019

I would like to read The Dinner Party by Pam Ayres

21 7 Reply

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