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I have strong American and Canadian heritage.
I grew up on a farming area of British Columbia Canada.
Studied Fine Art at Emily Carr in Vancouver. Also
some World History and Immigration History of Canada,
Women's Studies, Native Studies, African & Latin American
Studies at college and York University. I am passionate
about the natural world, men & women relationships, children
and the struggles of the oppressed and working people.

Pam Planet Poems

River And Train

Our river so soft today
and beautifully grey
singing wisps of branches
tickling it on either side



We are a corner stone, a keystone, link for humanity
We are a goddess of sanity!

Listen For The Birds

I don't know what to say,
I don't know what to say
Maybe I will Listen...
....and Follow

Talking To The Wall

Talking to the wall
the loving fluid wall
where vast poets gather
to share their where-with-alls

The View From Here

Heart Vessels

The background music drones on
it is not that I am not in the moment
or respectful of all you've been through

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