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Secure your hard hat.
Danger lurks in the flat
Field and fresh air!

‘Tis a lovely Sunday mornin’ makes me glad to be alive,
‘Tis the kind of misty mornin’ when the scents o’ summer thrive!
O the fish is up an’ the milk is up, an’ the rest they lie abed,
While I’m ridin’ down the seaside with a singin’ in my head!

“... a silver lining to every cloud.”
I heard you say the words aloud
As you lay dying. By the bed
A cup of water; overhead

We are the men who bring the trains...
Tunnelling, tunnelling...
We are the blokes who clear the drains
Tunnelling, tunnelling...

I wandered, lonely, as a cloud
Of loose balloons above the fair
Carried the colours of the crowd
Into the blue and steamy air;

The clouds on the horizon
Are the spirits of the Bison
And they bellow in the thunder
With a fury at the plunder

(Aries) .............Teach me how to be,
(Libra) .............And be aware;
(Taurus) ..........Teach me how to have,
(Scorpio) .........And how to share;

I don’t want a lorry,
I don’t want a car,
I don’t want a taxi
‘Cause it isn’t very far.

Spawned in a constellation
Deep in the heart of space
A wayward alien nation
Grew to a master race.

Does he think?
Too small to be real, bearing
A marked resemblance to the trousered rabbit;
Apparently knitted,

“Just a Minute on ‘Silver Lining’;
Sixty seconds, and starting now! ”
“On showery days when the sun is shining,
A thunder cloud with a beetle brow

One day which never existed,
in solitary rage surprised Himself with a

What a boom!
Crack of doom -
Every room
Is quaking

Uncle George was very smelly,
Bright of eye and vast of belly,
Moving like a mighty jelly
Through the sea of our surprise.

I wandered, lonely as a cloud
Of smoke outside a cancer ward
Where cigarettes are not allowed,
And wondered where the drugs were stored.


Toothypegs icumen in,
Proudly say Goo-goo!

If I would sing a song to God
Then I must sing a song for Man -
And I must sing it from the heart
As freely as an angel can.

Weird life.
All that time, that rolls
Before and around me like an irregular sea.
A pulse of the world s breath beats like a hill;


Old Kos is gone
Shadow of Bernie Rish
Long-time companion
Ate from the same dish

It’s March the First; the weathermen
And women cry, “It’s Spring again! ”
Despite the blizzards in the hills
And hardly any daffodils.

Pamela Ann Frances Crane Biography

I have been writing poetry since I was seven years old, but rarely published any until recently. In 2012 a poem I wrote for ComputerActive magazine won me the unique prize of publication plus a very funny cartoon portrait on their Letters page! Since the Millennium I have enjoyed the discipline of Haiku and Senryu (in English of course) and had a few of these published by the British Haiku Society. Lately the poems have lengthened again, spurred on by my local Writers Club in Llandudno, North Wales, whose bi-monthly magazine The Moving Finger I edit and publish; and 'the best of me' is on my website at The site title is The Adventurous Astrologer; the deeply spiritual study and practice of astrology has been my other delight since my mid-twenties - oh so many decades ago!)

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Secure your hard hat.
Danger lurks in the flat
Field and fresh air!

Don’t go near the water.
A man and his daughter
Are drowning there!

Everything you eat
Can kill you. Horsemeat

Beware -
Only the thin look great.
Say you are size eight
Whatever you wear.

Losing your self-esteem
When Following your Dream.
Worst nightmare.

Kids must cope alone
While you are on your phone
With stuff to share.

Trends that are so last year.
Insist on the latest gear -
It’s only fair.

Beware -
For anything really nice
Don’t pay the asking price

Those beggars on your street;
They drink. They never eat
Or wash their hair.

That man with the ready smile
May be a paedophile.
Get out of there.

A touch is an assault.
Nothing is your fault -
You were In Care.

Beware of cuddling. Beware of love.
Beware of the velvet hand in the iron glove.

Beware of black and posh and daft and queer -
Beware of everything you ought to fear.

Estranged from mercy, trust, reflection, prayer,
People, beware.

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