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My Bond Hearing

My bond hearing
And the town had gone to sleep
I had defended my case
In bad English
With poor knowledge of law or anything
To do with rights
Of course, the town had gone to sleep
On the night
I was locked up
And every single night since then
And had woken up
And had gone to work
And had had breakfast before that
Possibly, nice breakfast
Made up of sausage and eggs
And not a soul in town
Had thought of me
After levelling utterly false charges against me
That i was a threat to the security of professors
Why would i be
And this is what i had said
With tears in my eyes
Ample tears in my eyes
And finally the judge
Had melted some
But only after the lawyer
But the town had slept night after night
Made up of the professors
Why had one asked me into an affair
Why was the other following me
And the man
Who had gotten me to the continent
Had been working in total and absolute peace
After sending me to a lockup
That had nothing to do with me
I was going to be removed
From the country i had loved
With so much faith
The procedure was called deportation
And many others were going through it
But they had not recently changed their visa sponsors
From an old, infamous company
To the university
In the town
But the univ had called the border patrol on me
And the town had complied with it
The town had caused it
And it really shouldn't be sleeping or waking or eating at all
Till i got back
To it.

- - - - - - - - - -Pankhuri Sinha

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