Paola Degli Esposti Poems

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I Would Like

I would like I would like singing a new song singing a new song. When the rain falls down, gently on the ground, wetting the dried grass, flowing on the course, dropping on the roads. I would like singing a new song, looking from the closed window and feeling like I am apart from the rest, the water and the wind, the sky and the stars, it is all more than I see. It is all above.

My Goodbye

Leaving the stage behind, forgetting the tricky light. Embracing the Universe. I hold my hand. Forever faithful to the duty and the love. Looking for my star up there. Over there the silence may frighten. It is fear of the unknown, it is fear of the wrong way. Embracing the Universe. I hold my hand, leaving the stage, leaving the stage behind. Goodbye.


Where my fault is I surrender to love. Where my destiny lies the future comes next. Kites, demanding. Kites, demanding. It is up to slewing, maybe not, maybe yes. Eternity. Where my fault is the surrender comes. Chewly world, pretty world, real life is choral.

La Simple Vie

Un deux trois, je ouvre la porte. Un deux trois quatorce, le monde le bas. Je ferme une finestre. Je ecoute toi, tres loin, c'est moi. Temps, je prendre le jour, je peins la vie, un peu de eau, un peu de l' heures. Je aime la nuit, je aime la bonne nuit. Je m'habillie et je marche. Plus ou moins. A pres de onze, Je arrive. Je viens, je viens a coute de l'arbre. Je suis enchantee, je cherche un peu de l'eau fraiche, Je trouve un point de rencontre.


Verstehst du mich? Ich zeichne das Land, es gefallt mir sehr. Andere Glaube. Andere Kuchen, zu machen. Fur dich der Weg ist immer das selbe und ich sage dir das selbe. Verstehst du mich? Das sind unsere Worter. Verstehst du mich? Wir sind nicht allein in diesen Gedanke.

Minstrel Of My Heart.

Minstrel of my heart. Come along with me..with me. On the border of the road, people on its own, they wander in their glances, it is me that's demanding. Oh please, oh please, please the peace. Minstrel of my hands, come along with me, come along with me. No one knows what comes after, no one knows what the reasons are anymore. We are aware, we want to go on. All we know is, life is a value of the future. Minstrel, come along with me and sing a song.

What Comes Tomorrow.

What comes tomorrow. I am going to serve you, the world is in a restart mode. The mood is invisible. Poetry leads the way for someone. I am going to serve the people. But people disappears. Crisis. Misunderstandings will take the scepter of division. May the change happen, instead. May the light of reason shines again. A lot is going to help that and I with you will be sustainable.Freedom.

Back To The Origin.

Back to the origin, to the origin, to the origin of love. At the beginning all is quiet, all is dependant from the good will of the others, so may it be so, forever. Forever it will be. So might it be as long as the infinitive word. Back to the origin, to the doubtful sequence of thoughts and may it be the peace for ever as long as the infinitive word.


Anger go far away, stubborn, find your way, far off from here. We love to stay well, we love to feel well, we pray for the future whose the view is not in the real. We work for the uncertainty, we work for the start that is enough to lead the way, the brilliant way.

The Pleased Melody

Finally, I hear the melody of the little bird outside, the tweet is near my gentle heart. Peace. I listen to the whispers of the nature. The noise of the shoes upon the lying leaves. It is not a disturb, it is a thing that is done by everyone, by anyone, outside the window something happens like it did. And finally I hear the tweet. I hear the perfect melody. Peace. It is not a dream, it is what I have reached by myself. Finally I feel the offlimit, the backlash of my keens.

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