Papillion Hejduk

Rookie (6/5/89 / czech republic)

Papillion Hejduk Poems

1. Dancing With The Devil 11/14/2007
2. Translation 11/14/2007
3. Her Salvation 11/14/2007
4. The Unforgiven 12/7/2007
5. The Unforgiven 2 12/7/2007
6. Time 12/18/2007
7. Endless Love 12/18/2007
8. The Shadowland 12/19/2007
9. Who Will Cry 12/19/2007
10. Reflection 12/19/2007
11. Hard Love 12/19/2007
12. Kiss 12/19/2007
13. Forgive 12/19/2007
14. Ability 12/19/2007
15. Deep 1/7/2008
16. Suspicion 1/7/2008
17. Who Would Teach Us? 1/9/2008
18. Passing Through Lessening 1/24/2008
19. What You Win 8/6/2008
20. We Are Winning 8/6/2008
21. Rise 8/6/2008
22. Sell Your Soul 8/19/2008
23. Pain 8/19/2008
24. Pain And Lies 9/19/2007
25. Free 11/14/2007
26. She Is Bones 10/11/2007
27. Hope 10/31/2007
28. The Weight Of The World 2/14/2008
29. Let Me Introduce Myself 2/7/2008
Best Poem of Papillion Hejduk

Let Me Introduce Myself

I am a stranger, un-welcomed by many, but know by all
I’m not short in stature; some might even call me tall
Some never know I’m there, until my fragrance catch’s their attention
Most would never even tell a soul, I’m never to be mentioned

My long black cape, hangs from my feet to my head
Along with Its satin interior, hand sewn, in shades of blood red
My shoes they are made from the finest of leather,
Colored from the wings, of the ravens feather

My cane too many, may appear a bit like a crutch,
I simply think it adds, a classical touch
With its silver ...

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hope is the rack whice i hang my dreams upon.
carefully placing one article of my future on hope.

hope is the box which i place my thoughts in gingerly folding my aspirations into trying.

hope is the shelf whice i sit my fears on cautiously tucking them away from striving.

hope is the rack which i hang my success on proudly displaying all i have accomplished with the help of HOPE

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