Francis Duggan Parents Poems

For Working Class Parents On Low Incomes

Some people every day have a new challenge to face
And in their minds for happiness not that much space
With families for to support and bills for to pay
For them life is far from easy it does seem this way

For The Child Of Poor Parents

The child born of poor parents the he or the she
Start life at a disadvantage would you not agree
Disadvantaged by their suburb and their postal address
For them a great achievement any form of success

For The Crimes Of The Parents

For the crimes of the parents the child should not have to pay
Though the judgemental on them they do have their say
And though the child of the criminal as a person not bad
Is often judged on the record of mum and of dad.

The Children Of Poor And Dysfunctional Parents

The children of poor and dysfunctional parents of any success in life stand little chance
The odds seem stacked against them by their birth circumstance
For them life is an uphill battle a struggle every day
The lady of luck and fortune does never smile their way

We Become Our Parents

He watched on as his dad beat his mother and now he beats his wife
And in so doing he is only repeating a lesson in life
His children watch on as their mother he beat
The Father's bad behaviour they too will repeat.

Well Raised Of Good Parents

Well raised of good parents of him so we hear
The one who has caused others suffering and fear
In that case for his bad behaviour an excuse one cannot make
For injuring others for their money and causing heartache.

Who Would Wish To Be Born To Poor Parents

Some say my thinking is awry and some say I'm not right in the head
Since I don't look up to old soldiers and weep at the graves of the dead
Since I don't look up to my so called betters since a crook is a crook that's for sure
The most of crooks they are quite wealthy and not many of the dishonest are poor.

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