RoseAnn V. Shawiak Passion Poems

Fulfilling Passion

Ideas flowing spontaneously through tempos and rhythms
in music, touching and tantalizing every moment of life,
introducing various subjects rapidly into my mind.

Continuing Passion

Flowing Passion

Flight of passion flowing from an elderly gentleman,
tears crystallizing in his eyes, showing us the depth
of emotion caught in the rhythm of his lifetime.

Sincere Fulfillment Of Passion

Chords tip-toeing across my mind, taking me interiorly
into it's recesses, there finding my spirit open and
alert and awake.

Finding Liberty Of Passion In India

Living life in the freedom and liberty of it's passion,
leading me into depths of an everlasting rumination,
remembering how yesterday was so vibrant.

Instilled With Passion

Entering tunnels of another dimension, watching the
beauty of nature with wonder and awe.

Being instilled with a passion that continually takes

Purpose For Passion

Writing in the twilight of life, loving it's
cool darkness and absence of light.

Taking the essence of midnight into poetry,

Scents Of Desire And Passion

Senses opening like many blossoms in springtime,
carrying interior scents of desire and passion.

Creating my essence like that of heavenly inter-

Living The Passion Of My Being

Running away into the night, keeping to myself, not
wanting to talk or carry on a conversation.

Only writing and listening to music, having the time

An Artistic Passion

This mind instantly creating literature through
poetry the very exact moment that music and
rhythm start playing.

Increments Of Passion

Drumming steadily into the afternoon, creating rhythms
from within intellect.

Giving exact moments of pleasure with increments of

Passion Of My Heart

Totally entering another realm beyond this earthly one,
capturing and captivating every particle and fiber of
this being.

Desire And Passion

Feelings for you are exceptional, freeing me unconditionally
to love you like you deserve to be loved.

Having no limits or barriers between us, giving room to be

An Inner Passion

Writing into the day, loving feelings of joy and happiness
that fall into my mind, giving sensations of different
types all the time.

Feeding Passion

Tapping out rhythms with every song heard, writing
poetry to it's wonderful feelings brought into my

Fire Of Passion

Wonder and awe filling me every moment in this life,
expecting miracles from the Divine, nothing less.

Absolute faith coming from my soul, sparking intellect

Acclaim Passion

Circumventing paths of turmoil throughout life,
not wanting to be stressed or troubled.

There is only so much time where we can enjoy

Interior Passion

Remembering songs of old and their rhythms, still
so alive and vibrant to this very day.

Touching their memories, using them to write into

Extreme Passion

Raising voices and hands with glasses, saluting the
band as it plays renditions of many songs.

Bridging the ravines in life, a song, fast and totally

Violins Playing With Our Passion

Tempting desire with melodic music of your soul
as it touches mine in the passion of our being.

A lightened and definite pattern being energized

Poetical Passion

Reaching outer limits of life, riding waves of inner
accomplishments that take me into other dimensions.

Looking about, seeing landscapes of intellect as they

Passion Of Being A Child

Swinging through trees of childhood, being a tomboy and
having fun, joining with nature, becoming one with it
and living in peace that comes from within it's essence.

Finding Passion

Young and sweet, energetic and vibrant, filled with a
pure innocence pouring into an interior essence.

Lasting a lifetime, passion spreading and blossoming

Enticing Heart's Passion

Dancing in the moonlight, being held closely to your body,
enticing my heart's passion to reach out, wanting to be
touched by your own.

Living The Passion

Grasping ideas growing and being nurtured by intellect
daily, forceps pulling out qualities of enticing pur-
poses by their roots.

Passion Filtering Into Intellect

Responding deeply from within to the love of another
person, feeling their energy give a positive outlook
on everything in life.

Other's Passion

Kicking up dust, having fun, listening to rocking music
that takes my soul to heaven and back.

A mere poet, sitting here, enjoying other people's talent

Accounting For Passion

Leading the way into densest forests of imagination,
taking apart all sights set before me.

Invigorating and using a bountiful essence of the

Purposeful Passion

Stretching and lengthening periods of expression being
taught within this mind through knowledge of intellect
and spacious properties of wisdom as they are constantly
reached and expanded.

Mere Poet's Passion

Surviving this life, not knowing exactly how, just knowing
that my mind and writing poetry has a great deal to do with

Passion Of Integrity

Listening and collecting data from every source, finding
a memento and some other notable details, fitting all to-
gether in a harmony of nature.

A Soul's Passion

Rocking so early in the morning, soul awakening, getting
ready for another day filled with a nightmare of medical

Completing Passion

Resting in rhythms of an easy-going time, relieving inner
pressures, bringing light where life has a chance to survive.

No where else to go, withdrawing from senses of the spirit,

Living Passion

Skating, doing figure eights around my mind, enjoying the
exhilarating feelings, stirring within.

Lovely thoughts joining the fray, enlivening my spirit as

Silent Growing Passion

Quickening pulses with a fast paced guitar, playing rhythms
that fall easily into this mind.

Noticing nature filling spaces within as lively music begins

Filling Senses With Passion

Strengthening predictive features of a mind, stretching them
out of bounds, elastically unfolding their beauty as they
spread their warmth throughout an inner universe of this mind.

Manufactured By Passion

Stepping high, placing every idea within a pattern
or design of nature and it's rhythm, categorizing
the essence and passion of everything in these
particular aspects of it's unforgettable desires.

Passion Of Existence

Interesting developments appear through rhythms of intellect
giving an epic volume of thoughts in this arena of poetry,
leaving only life expected, enjoying it's presence in the
moments taken into being.

Capturning Passion And Essence

Rhythmically following tempos into darkened rooms within,
being blinded to surroundings.

Yet hearing music throughout, capturing passion and essence

Lulling Passion

Smoothly and tenderly, rising and falling with the swelling
of the ocean, as it's rhythm sinks within our intellect.

Building it's meaning through creativity, lulling passion

Listening To Passion

Quietly listening to the passion of an entire lifetime,
keeping it closely in check and safe at all times.
Nowhere passages of time, always being collected in
pieces of literature, being arrayed in fashionable

Center Of Essence And Passion

Lazily lying back and letting rhythm lead me through
tempos and melodies of a whole life.

Riding them so swiftly and rapidly, taking all beauty

Pastures Of Passion

Musically sending, me into a whirlwind of rhythm,
breathless and full of energy.

Plenty of rhythm sliding down many pathways of life,

Enchanting Essence And Passion

Dancing to music that is placating inner desires as they
look and whisper about for the first time.

Child-like, innocent and touchingly beautiful, smiling

Affirming Passion

Sensing a creative atmosphere filling me entirely as I write,
mysteriously coded messages are appearing before my mind,
accessing intellect as I find the way into depths of knowledge.

Acknowleged Passion

Stalking self through the walkways of an everlasting silence,
minding only my business.

Unwavering in beliefs and religious interests always held

Deepening Passion

Beating gently against my heart,
deepening my passion with each
note is music defined.
Creative and formed through

Lifetime Of Passion

Flavorful ideas fill minds with delectable scents
and tastes throughout a lifetime of passion.

Turning, making continuous circles of fire and

Passion For Family

Crossing swords with death many times in life, finding resolution
in pain and grief.

Writing my way through it all, learning along the way how family

Lifetime Passion

Lightly scented music, playing lovingly to intellect.
Aromas of vanilla seeping into imagination, relaxing
my being and energizing thoughts in exacting order.
Tantalizing odors oozing slowly around my space in the