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I am married to my soul mate.

I am also a published author and poet. I prefer poetry with rhymes. I'm a member of NSAI, Nashville Songwriters Assoc.

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The Names Of God Most High

My Lord is EL ELYON: He is The God Most High.
My Lord is ELOHIM: He is the God of Power, who speaks creation with words.
My Lord is called Jehovah: He is the God, who breathes air into life.
My Lord is Jehovah SHAMMAH: He lives inside of me.

Violent Video Games The Culprit

Violent video games are making kids more violent.
They're becoming more violent say psychiatrist.
Kids are not using their imaginations.
We're only creating more psychiatric patients.

Butterfly Trapped In A Jar

I once had a dream that there was a beautiful blue butterfly locked in a jar that couldn't fly.
She felt her life passing by!
She would try to fly around and around, spinning hitting the thick glass jar.
Sadly, looking out as far as her eyes would take her.

I'M Proud To Be A Christian Woman

I try to be a noblewoman.
I reach out to those in need.
I believe in planting a seed.
I give to displaced children.

Jesus Christ Has Risen

Arise, my savior has risen.
He's no longer entombed.
The rock has been removed.

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07 January 2015

The angelica face can sometimes be the most deceiving. Don't be quick to judge by outside appearance.

01 November 2020

I will not let someone's attitude towards me lower my altitude.

01 November 2020

My oldest friends are my most valuable and rarest antiques.

02 November 2020

If we don't share what we've overcome, we offer no hope for those that are going through what we overcame.

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