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My Lord is EL ELYON: He is The God Most High.
My Lord is ELOHIM: He is the God of Power, who speaks creation with words.
My Lord is called Jehovah: He is the God, who breathes air into life.
My Lord is Jehovah SHAMMAH: He lives inside of me.

Violent video games are making kids more violent.
They're becoming more violent say psychiatrist.
Kids are not using their imaginations.
We're only creating more psychiatric patients.

I once had a dream that there was a beautiful blue butterfly locked in a jar that couldn't fly.
She felt her life passing by!
She would try to fly around and around, spinning hitting the thick glass jar.
Sadly, looking out as far as her eyes would take her.

I try to be a noblewoman.
I reach out to those in need.
I believe in planting a seed.
I give to displaced children.

Arise, my savior has risen.
He's no longer entombed.
The rock has been removed.

It's never too late to feel and accept love.
It's best to accept love.
Before there' no love,
If there's still breath, there's also the possibility of love.

Lord, help the little children fighting cancer.
There seems to be no answer.
There seems to be so many different types of cancer.
Attacking children around the world,

When you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior,
The Holy Spirit is deposited inside of you.
This is the same spirit that heals you.
But, you have to feed this spirit with the word of God.

I can't imagine being forced to drink dirty water.
It's nothing more than the slow death of women and children.
Led to the slaughter,
As foul smelling as a slaughterhouse,

Politicians' say take their guns, they don't need their guns.
When the truth is America's turning back into the wild, wild, west.
We're not at our best.
Most Americans lack any morals.

You get that dreaded call.
You shake.
Racing to her arms,
Feelings of helplessness,

I can eat chocolate all day.
What can I say!
I love chocolate.
I love chocolate candy.

I like everything about me.
I realize after going through a very long journey.
I'm a pretty good person.
No, I can't say, I've never hurt another person.

He was a P.O.W. of World War 11.
He was a fighter pilot that crash landed.
Landing on the enemy's territory, too be taken prisoner.
Forced to live in the enemy's crowded barracks; a prisoner's stay.

Um, smells so good! Strawberry shortcake; I love rich layers of strawberry shortcake.
I can't wait to bite into this delicious mouth- watering cake.
Um, whip cream!
I feel, like I'm in a dream!

The moment a child is born.
It learns to bond with its mother.
But, sometimes unfortunately a mother is torn.
Between being a real mother and drugs.

God uses the sun moon and stars as signs and symbols.
It's His universal system.
It's His universe.
His signs are irreversible.

Jehovah Eloheem, we call on you to find what's, been hidden in darkness to appear in the light. You're familiar with this fight.
We need you, Jehovah Eloheem, to help us in this fight.
We ask that you bring all the truth into the light.
We praise you and worship you, thank you for the wisdom you've given us to fight.

He was a momma's boy.
And he treated me as his toy.
To him, I was just a ragdoll toy.
That could take a good beating.

America has one more thorn on her side.
It’s a real piercing for America.
To do away with traditional Marriage of a man and woman,
United as one,

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I am married to my soul mate. I am also a published author and poet. I prefer poetry with rhymes. I'm a member of NSAI, Nashville Songwriters Assoc.)

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The Names Of God Most High

My Lord is EL ELYON: He is The God Most High.
My Lord is ELOHIM: He is the God of Power, who speaks creation with words.
My Lord is called Jehovah: He is the God, who breathes air into life.
My Lord is Jehovah SHAMMAH: He lives inside of me.
My Lord is Jehovah JIREH: He meets all of my needs.
My Lord is EL SHADDAI: He pours the blessings of life upon me, giving me favor.
My Lord is Jehovah ROHI: He is my teacher, since my rebirth.
My Lord is Jehovah MAKKEH: He is the Lord that corrects me, when I am wrong.
My Lord is Jehovah MKAADESH: He separates me from the world, setting me apart.
My Lord is Jehovah TSIDKEN: He teaches me, right from wrong. He corrects me, when I'm wrong.
My Lord is Jehovah ROHI: He shines a light that guides my footsteps in life, directing my path.
My Lord is Jehovah ROPHE: He can heal all sickness within me.
My Lord is Jehovah NISSI: He is my banner, and artillery in war. He comes to my defense against my enemies.
My Lord is Jehovah ELOHEENU: He is my rescuer when I am in trouble.
Oh, My Lord is Jehovah GMOLAH: He's my debt collector, who takes from those, who rob me.
My Lord is Jehovah TSEBAOTH: He's the Lord of Hosts who moves the stars to prepare for war and who opens the mouth of the Red Sea, and moves the wind to reveal land mines. He's the one who gives orders to the angels for miracles to take place.
My Lord is Jehovah Shalom: He is the peacemaker, who calls an end to war.
My Lord is ADONAI: He is the Master and Lord of Lords of all Creation.
My Lord is Jehovah EL ELHOE: He is the God of Israel, the Apple of His Eye.
My Lord is Jesus Christ, the second of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He's the one that died for me, so that all of my sins would be forgiven, so I could have eternal life.
My Lord is the Holy Spirit. He's my Accountant. He's my Author. He's my Banker. He's my Boss. He's my Comforter. He's my Mighty Counselor. He's my Editor. He's my finisher. He's my Healer. He's the deposit of the living God, living inside of me.
When you face life's trials run to the all Mighty Son of God. Know His names. He has many names, and be prepared to see miracles and changes in your life.

Sheh Hashem yivarech otach

(May God Bless you!)

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The angelica face can sometimes be the most deceiving. Don't be quick to judge by outside appearance.

I will not let someone's attitude towards me lower my altitude.

My oldest friends are my most valuable and rarest antiques.

If we don't share what we've overcome, we offer no hope for those that are going through what we overcame.

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