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Son Cubano

We are at the genesis of a bolero
eyes, lips, thick, kinky dreads
beds, cars, stars
a singer's words curve


Bet your beeswax who said
Bet your beeswax what is
Beeswax -how did it arrive?

New Year

One more year alive.
Exploding fireworks precisely timed.
At the corner of the avenue young men slap five.
Discrete are the rhythms of waltzes

The Theme Is Flight

For a hummingbird in Hawaii
And an empty corridor at Heathrow
For the boy with a kite

Dinner With The Ghost Of Lorenzo Thomas

He was wearing a dapper suit and midnight blue brocaded tie-no stripes on him.
There was a sparkle in his brown eyes/his ghost was most corporeal
You're still curious about the world, I asked.

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Patricia Spears Jones (born 1951) is an American poet. She is the author of two collections books of poetry: The Weather That Kills and Femme du Monde. Patricia Spears Jones was the co-editor for Ordinary Women: Poems of New York City Women. Her poem, "Beuys and the Blonde" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
A native of Arkansas, Patricia Spears ...

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