Patrick Branwell Bronte Poems

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Penmaenmawr (Excerpt)

I knew a flower whose leaves were meant to bloom
Till Death should snatch it to adorn the tomb,
Now, blanching 'neath the blight of hopeless grief

Lydia Gisborne

On Ouse's grassy banks - last Whitsuntide,
I sat, with fears and pleasures, in my soul
Commingled, as 'it roamed without control,'

Thorp Green

I sit, this evening, far away,
From all I used to know,
And nought reminds my soul to-day

Sir Henry Tunstall (Excerpt)

They fancied, when they saw me home returning,
That all my soul to meet with them was yearning,
That every wave I'd bless which bore me hither;

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