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No time to think, no time for dreams
No time for anything it seems.
No time to stop, no time to waste,
No time for anything but haste.

And then a sleeping giant woke in me
And time, it's power broke, was pushed aside
And I saw life's line, it's trail of hopeless promise,
It's bloody trail, stretched back a million years

But his eyes like diamonds schemed,
And gleaming teeth and friendly smiles
Conceal behind the diamonds lies.

It touched my heart but not my soul.
I felt it's hunger
But it died yearning, not reaching it's goal.
It fed on me all through the night

When people play games of chance
With cards or wheel or rolling dice,
There she moves as the bets are placed,
A silent shadow as the people chatter.

The shady trees spread their leaves ever sleek
As we frolic in fields with sunny cries,
And rain runs nimbly through our hair and sighs
Runny smiles in the flowing down our cheek.

The crowd roared, the lion roared, another christian faced death,
And one was as hungry as the other for another's final breath.
No tears were shed as he lay dead, no thought, no regret, no sob.
And the slaves and the lion keeper went back to do their job.

It calls to me every night,
Come, drink, let the liquid flow
Like magic down your throat
And it will take you to places

Where once our young men fought so well,
Where once they stood and went through hell,
Where once they died and where they fell
There now politicians collect.

Lets talk of eyes with deep down smiles
That beckon you to stay awhiles.
From cross the room they reach to you
With a candour you'll not rue.

A vandaled bus stop, a cold wet day,
Bus late, as usual, in the pouring rain.
A huddled crowd, silent in the shelter
Faces as gloomy as the weather.

The old tombstone leans gently out of true
Just a marker for another's lost aims,
No one special, no one wise will need rue
His passing. Look! So long ago went James.

How can time justify it's brazen desire
When it's obtuse wheels spin less and less dreams?
The callow youth knows more than aged mans mire
For in his heart there is no doubt the means.


Ah, Death, my mud speckled fleshless friend
The fate to which I'll quietly go.
What are you?
As inevitable as Time but opposite.

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No Time To Think

No time to think, no time for dreams
No time for anything it seems.
No time to stop, no time to waste,
No time for anything but haste.

No time to wonder at the snow,
No time to watch our children grow.
But time enough to race about
And time enough to scream and shout.

And time enough to rush, rush, rush,
And time enough to push, push, push.
But no time to care or to smile,
No time to ramble for a while.

No time to sit, no time time to stand,
No time to shake you by the hand.
No time to stop, no time to blink
But most of all no time to think

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