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Let me stay in this peaceful place,
Where there's never a worry nor care,
Time is of no consequence here.
Given the choice I'd always be there,

I walk these busy streets and awestruck am I,
As I look up and up, at buildings that scrape the sky,
A city so alive it'll surely entice,
A city so good, they had to name it twice.

Outside under a clear blue sky,
Don't think about the work I've got,
Just idly let the day go by,
As I sit in the sun and weed my plot

How green is a leaf, how white is a cloud,
Not everything they write,
Has to be so profound.

On a bright summer's day there's no better place to be,
Just to stroll at your own pace and let your thoughts wander free,
And if so desired can be out of reach,
Just taking the time to stroll along the beach.

Just a few words in,
And I'm floating away,
Don't call me a dreamer,
It just eases the day.

As I stroll through this park I see a wonderful scene,
Red, golden colours in the trees, they're no longer green,
The day can still be filled with bright sunshine,
This picturesque time of year that is autumn time.

Here comes the sun,
And winter's now passing,
Take time out and listen to birds sing.

Take a trip to Stanley Park,
When at the end of your tether,
It's a fine place to visit,
Whatever the weather.

Now I shall sleep,
My work here is done,
Everyone knows that,
The night shift's not fun.

Here I go again,
Another day to do,
It's the same old thing,
I yearn for something new.

No work today,
Some time to unwind,
Just now rest and play,
Peace I now find.


Sitting here looking at a blank page,
Don't I have anything I want to say?
Is there no flash of inspiration?
To help me get started on this day.  

Weeks have now passed since that day,
When you paid a visit and said I had to go away,
Words have been exchanged to see if I'm consistent,
And I pleaded my case and dissected the incident.  

Where have all the words gone?
That I need to describe this day,
That explains how I feel at the moment,
And helps me put down what I want to say.

Time to tune the right radio station,
Or look it up on Sky Sports,
We are now as one in the nation,
For the coming battle, of sorts.

Such a feeling of release,
Has now come over me,
Breathe in the fresh air,
And feel totally free.  

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Lives in Gosport, UK; with my wife Della and our four grown up children. I've been writing poetry for a while now, still learning as I go along; and find it most relaxing. I haven't got a favourite poet or style as yet, enjoying exploring; but one I read regularly is Leisure by William Henry Davies)

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Peaceful Place

Let me stay in this peaceful place,
Where there's never a worry nor care,
Time is of no consequence here.
Given the choice I'd always be there,
The place where I can work hard, or not,
The pace is solely determined by me,
Time to count all the good things I've got,
The attraction here is for all to see,
When days are hard and I want some space,
Let me stay in this peaceful place.

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Paul Fowler Popularity

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