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Appearances can be deceptive,
And to the superficial gaze
The outside seems dull and grey
Plain looking in many ways,

She opened a special Welsh Book
Given as a present from a Friend,
She daily set aside time to look
Upon those words which her heart did mend.

A Red Poppy basking in the radiant sun
Sees deer and rabbits hastily run;
They sense a storm in the breeze
And race for shelter under mighty Oak trees.

Whenever I feel sad
And life’s troubles wear me down
I just look upon her face
And no longer wear a frown.

A warm, clear turquoise sea
Is the stage of a beautiful scene,
A majestic stingray ballet
Paints a picture so serene.

For four-thousand years and more
He’s withstood the tests of time;
Extremes of heat and cold
Haven’t cut him down in his prime;

A tiny fist
Reaching out
It grasps a finger;

One among billions
Unique silver crystal
In a turquoise sky

Carried on a soft whisper
Of a breeze
Little bubbles float aloft,
Delighting little children

One step forwards, two steps back
Is a familiar manner we tread;
We seem unsure of which way to go,
A Labyrinth of routes in each head.

Walking on white
Powder soft sand
My footprints
Left impressions,

</>What is this life we live these days
When we have no time to stand and gaze
At a stunning sunset on a summer’s eve
Or, the delicate web a spider did weave.


You hold the World in your hand,
With the touch of a button you view
Elephants and lions and zebras
Or, koala bear and kangaroo.

A piece of my heart died today
As I saw a yellow leaf fall from a tree
Reminding me of that day so grey
When Death took my friend from me.

Ruby and emerald and sapphire
Are the gems of his attire,
Clothed in an iridescent glow,
Like fragments of a rainbow.

Sandpaper kisses
Rasp on cheeks and chins,
This good morning wash
Is how it all begins!

Soft, pure white feathers
Cover their grey downy heads
Giving protection.

He wears a coat of flames

And has a dignified air;

Paul Holmes Biography

Married with two teenagers. Self-employed window cleaner.)

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Beautiful Inside

Appearances can be deceptive,
And to the superficial gaze
The outside seems dull and grey
Plain looking in many ways,
Yet, when a crack causes
Water to seep slowly through,
A Geode can split to reveal
A dazzling sight to view!
Piles of purple crystals
Sparkling in the light,
Such wonderful inner beauty
Now apparent for our delight.

Have you noticed how some people,
Like a Geode, may seem plain as plain can be?
Yet, if we take time to peer deeper,
Then, what gems would we see?
Perhaps a beautiful heart
We never thought was there,
Where an aching generosity
Is waiting its time to share?
Yes, a warm, glowing inner beauty
Will emerge before your eyes,
A newly discovered Treasure
For you to cherish, and to prize!

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Paul Holmes Popularity

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