Paul Klobusicky

Paul Klobusicky Poems

1. Footprints In The Sand 3/5/2010
2. 3 Strikes 3/5/2010
3. Picture Of You 3/5/2010
4. Let Love Be The Judge 3/5/2010
5. Soaked Dry 3/5/2010
6. Sniff 3/5/2010
7. Reunions 3/5/2010
8. Three Of Us 3/5/2010
9. Gig 3/5/2010
10. Down A Quart 4/8/2010
11. Loneliness 5/3/2010
12. Judgement Day 7/3/2010
13. Common Cold 3/5/2010
14. A Blind Mind 3/5/2010
15. Fade 3/5/2010
16. Walls Of Silent 3/7/2010
17. Till The Last Song Is Sung 3/13/2010
18. The Last Ride 3/5/2010
19. Truth In Light 3/5/2010
Best Poem of Paul Klobusicky

Truth In Light


Come out of the shadows
Into the light
Let the truth unfold
Don’t fear the fight

Truth is the light
Not lies that haunt
In the night
Or sprits that daunt

If your heart pulsates
In high gear
Delaying decisions
Only escalates your fears

Emerge from the trees
Stand in the light
For the light will set you free
The light becomes your sight

Deal with the facts
With all your might
It’s the truth
That guides you into the light


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A Blind Mind


An ear that doesn’t hear
Doesn’t revel fear
An eye that doesn’t see
Is a lock without a key

A tongue that doesn’t speak

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