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Paul Latham Poems

1. Thought Of The Day 1/22/2008
2. Me And Us All. 1/22/2008
3. Who Are We? Me. 1/22/2008
4. Crumbling Bridge 1/22/2008
5. A Product Of State Manufacturing 1/23/2008
6. Dreams 1/24/2008
7. Sitting At Work 1/25/2008
8. Ode To Mankind 1/27/2008
9. Living 1/31/2008
10. Sunday Evening Blues 3/3/2008
11. Motivation 4/9/2008
12. Just Ants On The Road 4/10/2008
13. Rain, Sun, Summer 4/11/2008
14. A Poet Wishing, Watching, Waiting 4/14/2008
15. Blue Sky 1/22/2008
16. Oppressive Freedom 1/22/2008
Best Poem of Paul Latham

Oppressive Freedom

We work to live a life that’s free,
But free for who? We just don’t see.
Freedom to work and slave away, freedom oppression are here to stay.
The meaning of freedom has disappeared.
Control and Order of the masses we hear,
But who controls our life for free?
Money, Greed, the weed of our kings.
Kings and Queens, they spread this disease, to company exec’s, it’s all there to see.
We just accept to live a lie, and my freedom apparent doesn’t seem to suffice.
I’m free to write the truth for all,
But most are blind, especially the poor.
Are voices count, are ...

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Thought Of The Day

Life is all quite funny really,
It’s only real to you,
Like strawberry grass, And beachfuls of glass,
It’s just you,
You you,

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