Paul the Lion

Rookie (Born in the fall of his 19th year / Comin' home to a place he'd never been before)

Paul the Lion Poems

1. Country Folks' Lament 3/8/2006
2. Old Glory 3/11/2006
3. Price I Pay, The 3/18/2006
4. Woman At The Store 3/19/2006
5. Ramblin' Cowboy's Lamet 3/21/2006
6. Where Have You Gone, Johnny Cash? 3/21/2006
7. In The Morning 3/21/2006
8. Colorado Wilderness 3/21/2006
9. Sweet Mountain Air 3/21/2006
10. Why I Dig Buddhism 3/28/2006
11. Lion's Apology 3/28/2006
12. Please Love Me 3/29/2006
13. Just A Little Love Poem 4/6/2006
14. Ain'T No Light 4/22/2006
15. Northern California Wilderness 4/25/2006
16. This Love, 'Tis A Curse 4/27/2006
17. Eulogy Of A Blues Master 5/3/2006
18. Girl In The Castro 5/8/2006
19. Countryside Utopia 5/9/2006
20. Ain'T A-Gonna Be No Cowboy 5/13/2006
21. Leaders Who Teach Us, The 5/21/2006
22. Talkin' Nau Dorm Blues 6/4/2006
23. Celestial Canyon Echos And Cell Phones 6/5/2006
24. Making Love By Moonlight 6/6/2006
25. Oregon Wilderness 3/28/2006
26. Loser Song, The 5/2/2006
27. Meadow, The 4/11/2006
28. Lazy San Francisco Day 4/12/2006
29. Peace Symbol Necklace Song, The 5/7/2006
30. Talkin' Pretty Girl Blues 5/4/2006
31. When The Sunlight Comes 3/21/2006
32. Montana Wilderness 3/18/2006
33. Ballad Of Joe And Rhonda, The 3/10/2006
34. One Drunkard's Blues 4/8/2006
35. After I'M Gone 4/19/2006
36. Sweet Country Girl And I 3/10/2006

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Best Poem of Paul the Lion

Sweet Country Girl And I

My eyes first caught her across the street
She looked like someone I'd fancy to meet
She was wearing a long violet dress
But I was rugged and my hair was a mess

You were wondering who was this cat
Sitting on a rotten bench in a dirty cowboy hat
On his guitar he was trying to play some John Denver song
You laughed because half of his chords were wrong

She walked up and asked if I wanted a cuppa joe
I boyishly smiled and said 'I reckon so'
I strolled down the dirt road with this girl in a pretty gown
She said there wasn't a single paved street in ...

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Old Glory

Old Glory, O how you have changed

You were born a symbol of revolution
So righteously respected and divine
An emblem of progressive democracy

A standard for ethical yankees everywhere during the Civil War
And your proudest, greatest, most dignified moment came on Iwo Jima
Where Ira Hayes, a Native American, helped raise you

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