Pavel Markiewicz

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The Person

i follow at night a way
into the nightstar
the sunlight in me having
there is the sky with

The Fall

the fall lives in us
it lives magnificent because of us
you are writing a letter about peace
i am writing to You about contact

I Am

there are: the angel's diamonds in You
the most lovely and gorgeous eyes in me
the herculean strength in the veins
the gold from a distance in the hearts

Enchanted Friendships

many fabulous heroes are very happy in souls
because of them friendships are tender like marvellous embers

dreamy ghost of the homeland likes cranes of gentle Ibikus

The Night Mood Of The Beaches

the heavenly cute Atlantic!
the infinitely sonorous California Bay!
the dreamlike eternal Lake Ontario!
all these places enchanting a night goddess

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Pawel Markiewicz was born 1983 in Poland (Siemiatycze) . He published his english haikus as well as short poems in the best literary magazines of world such as: Ginyu (Tokio) , Atlas Poetica (USA) or The Cherita (UK) . Recently he has published a long poem in by Tajmahal Review (India) and Better Than Starbucks (USA) . He published furthermore hi ...

Pavel Markiewicz Popularity