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1. I'M A..By Pedro Rubio Iii 1/7/2008
2. ....... By Pedro Rubio Iii 1/7/2008
3. What Do You Do? By Pedro Rubio Iii 1/11/2008
4. No Title 4/18/2008
5. Do Not Say Goodbye My Dear 5/22/2008
6. Under The Moonlight 7/26/2008
7. Lions And Humans 9/12/2009
8. Wonderiing And Waiting 10/3/2009
9. Waiting For A Decision 11/10/2009
10. Falling And Falling 11/10/2009
11. As Time Goes By... 2/8/2010
12. My Tears 6/8/2015
13. Let's Take A Ride 6/8/2015
14. Two Roads 6/8/2015
15. Take Me Away Oh God. 1/27/2009
16. You By: Peter Rubio Iii (A Broken Hearted 15 Year Old Boy) 12/19/2007

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You By: Peter Rubio Iii (A Broken Hearted 15 Year Old Boy)

Every day I look at you
Wondering if my feelings for you are true
Wondering if you'll look away
Or wondering if you'll stay

Yes it's true
I do love you
Look at you all day long
You help my heart get strong

Yes its true
I want to be with you
Forever and ever
til the end of time.

Yes I hate to rhyme
It brings back bad feelings
Fellings that have big meanings
Laura I dont want to leave you

Laura I dont want to loose you
You make me happy
yes you do
every time i look at you

and you smile at me

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Wonderiing And Waiting

wondering and waiting, for the day to come, when it will finally be done, no more worries and no more sorrows, no more wondering whats gonna happen tomorrow? , wont have to keep asking why, wont have to keep on living this lie. so many times it has come close to coming, why is it that im still walking? shouldnt i be down six feet under? one with th

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