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Rating: 4.67

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Jim Shanor 23 April 2011

Peggy Hapke Lewis is a marvellous poet. More, Please.

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The Best Poem Of Peggy Hapke Lewis

To The Librarian At The Tesson Ferry Branch

I tell you that a young man
in this library
finds you exciting. Don’t laugh.
He has seen your passion
in the stacks
with Baudelaire in your lap,
face rosy with trying
to enter an old, gone world.
He longs to lure you,
reads every book you linger over
to share your sighs.
One night he will outwait you
and ask to drive you home.
You will say no and then, looking
into the honeyed chambers
of his eyes, yes
will fall out
over the neat, white files of your teeth.
And the leap of fire
in his eyes will tell your fortune.

Peggy Hapke Lewis Popularity

Peggy Hapke Lewis Popularity

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