Peitho Enthermos

Peitho Enthermos Poems

1. The Manifestation Of Me (A Creed) 1/13/2014
2. A Book Folded Silently In Prayer 5/17/2014
3. Blue Devil Malediction 6/9/2014
4. Depression Of A Friend 10/5/2014
5. The Passion And The Song 5/4/2014
6. Graces 1/4/2015
7. Father And Son 4/16/2015
8. I Saw A Wood 1/14/2016
9. Offbeat 12/25/2016
10. Dinosaur 12/26/2016
11. Tiger 12/26/2016
12. Pet Dog 12/26/2016
13. The Bird Died Getting Ahead Of Time 6/24/2017
14. Alphabet, My Undead Head 6/24/2017
15. I Shall Not Want 12/21/2014
16. Why Can'T We All Just Get Along? 4/15/2014
17. Mine 3/20/2015
18. Real Dad 5/17/2014
19. A Poet 1/4/2015
20. Faces Of Life 1/13/2014
21. Untitled To Be 4/6/2015
22. Litany 1/13/2014
23. Guitarman 5/10/2017
Best Poem of Peitho Enthermos


He saw me on the other side of the glass-
the chasm which separates us into two different worlds
His eyes were filled with wanting.
'twas all over his face, he didn't need any words.

I was full of music and vigor within me
And his hands were meant to play
I was alone, he was so lonely
We guessed, we're meant for each other that day

He took me, regardless my worth
Everybody knows why I'm guarded.
I'm priceless, I can't just be sold;
But he was an extreme, he gets what he wanted.

So, I thought he'd care for me,
He'd sing melodies and I'd ...

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Faces Of Life

I am my face of fear
I look not on my fate.
Does not feel, does not hear;
Destiny calls, 'It's never too late! '

I am my face that masks,
I want no one to see me cry.
Tears speak only no cheer from me
I am all sugar-free.

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