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I have been writing since I was 12 years old. I still get a joy out of it every day that I write. Some days, I do wonder why I still pick up the pen and paper, and then I remember how much of a joy that I get out of writing poetry. I write poetry, song lyrics, and short erotic fiction.

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A Dream Within A Dream

I wake up in a cold room
No light is on, but the one over the table
I slowly crawl up to it
I notice a gun on the table
I grab the gun, and point it at my head
A man comes in, and smiles
I scream, and shoot it
I wake up screaming
No one comes to my surprise
I get up and walk around
I notice a pool of blood, with my father in it
I run up to him, try to save him
A man steps in the door way, I scream at him
He says 'You'll be sorry little girl'
I wake up screaming
My father comes in running
He holds me until I am calm enough to sleep
Once he leaves, and I try to sleep
The horror starts again

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penguin cat3 Popularity

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