Abdul Wahab People Poems

Will People Still Continue To Sabotage Their Own Mission?

How nice was to see the love of the pigeon!
How tasty was the fruits of every season!

Now the nature is not fresh but full of poison

Dangerous People

You may heard of a bird that resides in your heart
Its colour is blue to some, red is to few
But grey to maximum that goes out and in without your control
Its name is unknown to some one

Stopping Of Telling People That I Write

I stop telling people
I write
And i am a poet

I Let Dove Shit Upon People

The same man the same mouth
On the same and identical situation
When produces different words
For different men of different places

Why Do People Play With Blood ?

Why do people play with blood when it gives no pleasure and only pain?
Why do people wag a war when it gives only losses and no gain?
Why do people play with mud when it never tones up but tarnishes their images?
Why do people play the blame -game when it never solves the problem but increases?

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