Percy MacKaye

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Percy MacKaye (1875–1956) was an American dramatist and poet.

He was born in New York City, New York. He studied at Harvard (1897), before returning to New York City (1900-4) to teach. He subsequently settled in Cornish, New Hampshire.

He wrote the plays The Canterbury Pilgrims in 1903, Sappho and Phaon in 1907, Jeanne D'Arc in 1907, The Scar ...

Percy MacKaye Poems

The Automobile

Fluid the world flowed under us: the hills
   Billow on billow of umbrageous green
   Heaved us, aghast, to fresh horizons, seen
One rapturous instant, blind with flash of rills

The Child-Dancers

A bomb has fallen over Notre Dame:
Germans have burned another Belgian town:
Russians quelled in the east: England in qualm:

Hymn Of The New World

A star a star in the west!
Out of the wave it rose:
And it led us forth on a world-far quest;
Where the mesas scorched and the moorlands froze.

Uriel: (In Memory Of William Vaughn Moody)

URIEL, you that in the ageless sun
Sit in the awful silences of light,
Singing of vision hid from human sight,—


(In memory of William Vaughn Moody)


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