Peter Bolton

Rookie - 410 Points (2nd April 1942 / Brecon)

Peter Bolton Poems

1. Solismar The Dragon 3/29/2013
2. Brinna, The Girl Who Fed The Swans 3/31/2013
3. The Veil Of Tears 4/2/2013
4. Love's Dna 4/2/2013
5. The Surrogate Princess 4/3/2013
6. The Single Bulb 4/6/2013
7. The Examination 4/6/2013
8. How To Become A Waiter 4/8/2013
9. The Two Brothers 4/13/2013
10. The Perils Of Habit 4/15/2013
11. Collateral Damage 4/15/2013
12. The Tablets Of The Law 4/16/2013
13. The Polo Shirt 4/16/2013
14. The Two Ships - Illustrated 4/16/2013
15. The End Of Music 4/22/2013
16. The Quandary 4/23/2013
17. The Love Potion 4/30/2013
18. The Bridge 5/7/2013
19. Final Nightmare 5/12/2013
20. With A Sunflower On Her Head 5/26/2013
21. A Reading From The Gospel According To Esme 4/4/2013
Best Poem of Peter Bolton

Brinna, The Girl Who Fed The Swans

There was a girl called Brinna, who fed the swans.
The swans lived on the lake;
Drohan of the flashing beak;
Giselle whose pure white neck was the longest and the slenderest ever seen;
Seger, Orna, Pisky and Haze, their chicks.
Brinna knew them all.
Each day she came with crumbs from her table, a table of oak from the sturdiest tree in the forest.

There were people in the kingdom for whom such food would have been a banquet, even the tiniest morsel.
‘Wherefore do you give to those who can provide for themselves? ’ they asked.
‘What I give, ’ she answered, ‘is...

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Love's Dna

It was in the reign of King Harmon,
A king of great pride,
Who liked it to be seen that he listened to his people.
So his throne stood high, where he could hear their pleas presented.
To have this seat of beaten gold was insufficient in his view,
So from a far off land he summoned an artist, whose works were à la mode,
Of wondrous design in mosaic tile with minerals many-hued.
Behind him, on his dais, the king would have this Ciberon create a backdrop.
One that would match the imperi

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