Peter Bolton Poems

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With A Sunflower On Her Head

How do you stay happy?
Wear a sunflower on your head.
The rent is overdue and you can’t earn enough to put Becky in nursery
Is that so bad when you love your child?

A Reading From The Gospel According To Esme

1. There was a woman who lived beside Lake Galilee who had heard that the Lord was passing by.

Solismar The Dragon

Once there was a dragon called Solismar.
It is said that his egg existed for a million years.
Lonely he hatched and alone in the cave he grew.
Knowing naught but the bats and the beasts of the forest beyond his door.

Brinna, The Girl Who Fed The Swans

There was a girl called Brinna, who fed the swans.
The swans lived on the lake;
Drohan of the flashing beak;
Giselle whose pure white neck was the longest and the slenderest ever seen;

The Veil Of Tears

From the high mountain
A weft of white water drops its way, rock by rock, to the valley floor.
Only he who knows can give its name, for it is the Veil of Tears.

Love's Dna

It was in the reign of King Harmon,
A king of great pride,
Who liked it to be seen that he listened to his people.
So his throne stood high, where he could hear their pleas presented.

The Surrogate Princess

King Hildred and Abril, his queen, could not bear children.
The appearance of a baby princess in the palace was therefore attributed to the attendance of some fairy godmother.
A gift.
Princess Melita grew into a strapping lass,

The Single Bulb

In the gardens monastic were both herbs of the culinary kind
And those that healed the afflictions of this world,
Both rosemary and rue.
A poor man passed who had some bulbs to sell so that he might feed his family.

The Examination

The high priest Pallidan wanted a sacrifice.
Nobody had been taken to the altar for years because the king, being a kindly man, had made the tests too easy.
The first task was to receive a serving of cake upon a platter and deliver it to the king for his enjoyment.
Esme duly held the plate and the slice was placed thereon with the royal tongs.

How To Become A Waiter

When Larial reached the town, his purse was empty.
Nay, he had no purse, for the robbers had stripped him of all possessions.
There was none to aid him, for self-reliance was the ethos of that place
Therefore, needing employment, he resolved to apprentice himself to some trade.

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