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Peter Mamara Poems

1. Mureshan 9/8/2016
2. In My Search For Scheherazade 9/8/2016
3. Venus And Madonna 9/8/2016
4. Allegorical Rhymes 9/8/2016
5. A Dacian's Prayer 9/8/2016
6. Oh, Sublime Truth… 9/8/2016
7. I'm Far Away From You 9/8/2016
8. A Glance 9/8/2016
9. Andrei Mureshan 9/8/2016
10. The Evening Star 9/8/2016
11. A Harp On A Grave 9/9/2016
12. Whispers The Sound Of The Sea 9/9/2016
13. And If… 9/9/2016
14. Oh, I Count Crying 9/9/2016
15. To My Critics 9/9/2016
16. Angel And Demon 9/9/2016
17. To The Star 9/9/2016
18. The Lake 9/9/2016
19. We Were Both Children 9/9/2016
20. Oh, Clear Up Cold Darkness You 9/9/2016
21. Thinking Of You 9/10/2016
22. The Books 9/10/2016
23. The Downhill Run Race Of The Waters 3/6/2017
24. If You All Talk I Pretend I Can't Hear 3/6/2017
25. Our Young Men 3/6/2017
26. A Song Moans And Sighs In My Lyre 3/6/2017
27. Oh, I've Asked From Zodiacal Constellations 3/6/2017
28. Today Is The First Day Of May 3/6/2017
29. When I Saw You, Verena 3/6/2017
30. Oh, Sweet Gentle Angel You 3/8/2017
31. In Vain The Time Wipes Out 3/8/2017
32. To Hold It One More Time 3/10/2017
33. A Street, Which Was Too Narrow 3/10/2017
34. When The Sea 3/10/2017
35. When You Look In The Sea-Mirror 3/10/2017
36. Who Is It? 3/10/2017
37. The Wave Fizzes 3/10/2017
38. My Life Was Like The Light-Of-Day 3/12/2017
39. Three-Line Song 3/10/2017
40. Portrait And Frame 3/10/2017

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    Very interesting verse.

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Best Poem of Peter Mamara

Odin And The Poet

By M. Eminescu (1850-1889)

They ask me to sing... I'm supposed to polish
My deep sadness in rhyme and in cadence —
Sweetly, like the spring moonlight
As seen in a garden in Italy at night —
And with my sweet poems I'm supposed to make any woman sigh.
How nice it could be for many men. For me, no! Not for me.
And silly young guys
With their hair curled, with a monocle on their eyes,
With cigarettes in their mouth
And with a goat beard under their teeth,
They shall recite my verses,
Which are a deep sign of true feelings,
In which they shall ...

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by M. Eminescu (1850-1889)

A crested chicken with snowy plumage
Lives in a secluded coop, like in a cool refuge.
There isn't any cock over the whole yard,
Which could stalk her chaste youth.

How coquettish she is. And how graciously she walks.
And what lovely stars she paints with her claw in the sand.

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