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Peter Mamara Poems

1. Angel And Demon 9/9/2016
2. Why In My Heart 9/9/2016
3. Why Do You Move Back And Forth? 9/9/2016
4. Melancholy 9/9/2016
5. The Lake 9/9/2016
6. By The Side Of The Poplars With No Pair 9/9/2016
7. The Fiddler's Song 9/9/2016
8. When The Icy North Wind With The Winter... 9/9/2016
9. We Were Both Children 9/9/2016
10. Demonical 9/9/2016
11. Oh, Clear Up Cold Darkness You 9/9/2016
12. Thinking Of You 9/10/2016
13. The Books 9/10/2016
14. Why Even Now, I Make My Way To… 3/6/2017
15. At Daytime In Thoughts 3/6/2017
16. You Ask For Kindness 3/6/2017
17. Go To Sleep 3/6/2017
18. At The Window Towards The Sea 3/6/2017
19. The Downhill Run Race Of The Waters 3/6/2017
20. Mary Tudor 3/6/2017
21. If You All Talk I Pretend I Can't Hear 3/6/2017
22. The World Is Split 3/6/2017
23. Satirical Sonnet 3/6/2017
24. Our Young Men 3/6/2017
25. A Song Moans And Sighs In My Lyre 3/6/2017
26. Oh, I've Asked From Zodiacal Constellations 3/6/2017
27. Today Is The First Day Of May 3/6/2017
28. Why Do You Whisper So Quietly? 3/6/2017
29. The Woman? Bone Of Contention 3/6/2017
30. When I Saw You, Verena 3/6/2017
31. Lost In The Pain 3/8/2017
32. You Tormented Me So Much, With Words Of Love 3/8/2017
33. For The Preservation Of Hearing 3/8/2017
34. Lost For Me, You Go By Through The World 3/8/2017
35. Oh, Sweet Gentle Angel You 3/8/2017
36. Your Face Is Crystal Clear, Again 3/8/2017
37. In Vain The Time Wipes Out 3/8/2017
38. I Saw You Once 3/8/2017
39. To Hold It One More Time 3/10/2017
40. Bitterness And Charm 3/10/2017

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  • EIII. (2/9/2018 7:39:00 AM)

    Very interesting verse.

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Best Poem of Peter Mamara

Odin And The Poet

By M. Eminescu (1850-1889)

They ask me to sing... I'm supposed to polish
My deep sadness in rhyme and in cadence —
Sweetly, like the spring moonlight
As seen in a garden in Italy at night —
And with my sweet poems I'm supposed to make any woman sigh.
How nice it could be for many men. For me, no! Not for me.
And silly young guys
With their hair curled, with a monocle on their eyes,
With cigarettes in their mouth
And with a goat beard under their teeth,
They shall recite my verses,
Which are a deep sign of true feelings,
In which they shall ...

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By M. Eminescu (1850-1889)

(Mureshan is alone in the woods. An old church with a stone tower is on the back of a hill. It is night and moonlight. The clock tolls the midnight.)

Midnight strikes in the old stone tower, which has a bell heart.
Through the world's checkpoint no souls enter and no souls depart.
And the sleep, death's brother, with an eye full of dissent
Goes through the realm of the resting thought
And it dips its cold wi

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