Peter S. Quinn

Peter S. Quinn Poems

4441. Nothing Comes Easy 5/2/2008
4442. We Are Kindred Spirits 2/6/2008
4443. Without A Doubt (From 'Without A Doubt') 3/19/2008
4444. Dreams In Rough Cold 12/23/2007
4445. Into The Blue 8/19/2012
4446. There Is No End To Time 8/8/2012
4447. Friends 6/9/2013
4448. The Love Is Singing 11/4/2014
4449. You Are Always In My Mind 12/8/2015
4450. Let There Be 4/24/2016
4451. Dreams Are Always Coming True 1/5/2016
4452. Moments Of Memory 11/25/2016
4453. Love Oh Love You Are Still Here -new- 8/14/2017
4454. Young Love -new- 8/16/2017
4455. Moonlight And Love Songs 9/3/2013
4456. The Night Is Full Of Light 11/5/2015
4457. Night Embrace Song 4/13/2016
4458. Nothing Is For Sure 6/18/2015
4459. Love, Love, Love 6/24/2009
4460. Before The Moon Comes Up 2/10/2010
4461. Love Comes And Goes - Sonnet 1/9/2009
4462. In Openness Through (Sonnet) 12/22/2008
4463. Each Night I Shall Be Walking (From Lost Sonnets) 12/9/2008
4464. Winter - Sonnet 2/2/2009
4465. All That's In Green 12/20/2008
4466. Is There A Hope In A Wish? 3/30/2007
4467. Enjoying The Moment 7/15/2010
4468. Haiku 'Oh Cherry Blossoms' 5/20/2007
4469. Life's Day Dreams (From,134 Picture Poems) 5/3/2007
4470. Catch Me If You Can 1/3/2007
4471. Meet The Moments (From 'Meet The Moments') 3/14/2008
4472. Bring Me The Horizon 7/23/2009
4473. Freedom – Sonnet 7/23/2009
4474. Thinking Of You 9/17/2008
4475. You And I (A Lyrical Poem) 4/12/2010
4476. I Feel No Love 5/14/2013
4477. Falling In Love In September 9/15/2008
4478. Praising Your Love (From, Rhythmicon - 50 Lead Sheets With Poems) 5/8/2007
4479. A Love (From Shorter Poems…) 5/26/2007
4480. Goodnight 11/14/2013
Best Poem of Peter S. Quinn

Sad In Blue (A Lyric)

Sad sad sad in blue
For sad sad sad you
The moon is all bluish tonight
The night is all dark out side
Nowhere to run
Sad sad sad in blue

Into the night hold me tight
Love me babe I need some light
What's wrong and what's right
When shadows dwell and abide

Sad sad sad in blue
For sad sad sad you
The moon is all bluish tonight
Is there some star shoot in sight
To wish upon
For sad sad sad you

Into the night take a flight
Feelings, touch, everything out sight
Love me with feelings ok
Come come babe now closer ...

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The Name Of Each Season

The name of each season - eternity
Like the summers of flowers that come and go,
With luster thus spreading like a wind blow
That lives with the gust - forever so free;
The ancient of times and sometime to be
Dawn with the painting from the palette's glow,
That rises with spring after winter's snow
For the young born in heart always to see.
It's like music of earth in freshness of days

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