Peter S. Quinn

Peter S. Quinn Poems

641. Haiku 'Light My Moody Heart' 5/19/2007
642. Haiku 'Winter Leaves Hollow' 5/19/2007
643. Haiku 'Fly With Wings Of Peace' 5/19/2007
644. Haiku 'Don'T Know Donald Duck' 5/19/2007
645. Feelings Are Never Free (From, Poet On Www) 5/18/2007
646. Musings Of My Thoughts (From, Poet On Www) 5/18/2007
647. I'Ve Always Wondered (From, Poet On Www) 5/18/2007
648. #5 Picture Poems (From, Poet On Www) 5/18/2007
649. Haiku 'Earth Meets Unknown Sea' 5/19/2007
650. Haiku 'Contrasts In Nature' 5/20/2007
651. Haiku 'Barren Trees: Oh Me' 5/20/2007
652. Haiku 'Above Cloudy Sky' 5/20/2007
653. Haiku 'star-Spangled Banner' 5/20/2007
654. Haiku 'The Mood's Dull And Gray' 5/20/2007
655. Haiku 'Life Goes On And On' 5/20/2007
656. Haiku 'You Were Pondering' 5/20/2007
657. Haiku 'Daydreams Come And Go' 5/20/2007
658. Haiku Coloring The Sky' 5/20/2007
659. Haiku 'Flying Clouds Of Night' 5/20/2007
660. Haiku 'Here's Another Day' 5/20/2007
661. Haiku 'Fire Lights Of Heaven' 5/20/2007
662. Haiku 'Web Weaving Spider' 5/20/2007
663. Haiku 'The World Is Scary' 5/20/2007
664. Haiku 'Frosty Nights Are Gone' 5/20/2007
665. Haiku 'Blue Sky Faraway' 5/20/2007
666. Haiku 'Your Thistles And Thorns' 5/20/2007
667. Haiku 'silver Swans By Sea' 5/20/2007
668. Haiku 'Let There Be Singing' 5/20/2007
669. Haiku 'Where I Am Going...' 5/20/2007
670. Haiku 'All What I Hoped For' 5/20/2007
671. Haiku 'Future Lies Ahead' 5/19/2007
672. Haiku 'The River Runs Free' 5/20/2007
673. Haiku 'Joy Of The Living' 5/20/2007
674. Haiku 'My Road Is Silent' 5/20/2007
675. Haiku 'Mirroring Glacier' 5/20/2007
676. Haiku 'Under Dried Up Leaves' 5/20/2007
677. Haiku 'A Bare Tree Rainbow' 5/20/2007
678. Haiku 'The Path Is Stony' 5/20/2007
679. Haiku 'Future's Bright And Clear' 5/20/2007
680. Haiku 'Dessert's Lonely Song' 5/20/2007
Best Poem of Peter S. Quinn

Sad In Blue (A Lyric)

Sad sad sad in blue
For sad sad sad you
The moon is all bluish tonight
The night is all dark out side
Nowhere to run
Sad sad sad in blue

Into the night hold me tight
Love me babe I need some light
What's wrong and what's right
When shadows dwell and abide

Sad sad sad in blue
For sad sad sad you
The moon is all bluish tonight
Is there some star shoot in sight
To wish upon
For sad sad sad you

Into the night take a flight
Feelings, touch, everything out sight
Love me with feelings ok
Come come babe now closer ...

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The Day's Going

The day's going
To deep and the dark
From sun that's glowing
And once did spark
A day by day
To darkness of still
That comes in night way
And dreams to fulfill

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