Peter Vector

Peter Vector Poems

1. A Brief Reflection On Old Age 10/6/2011
2. A Familiar Story (Terra) 12/27/2011
3. Him 12/27/2011
4. Still Speechless 3/5/2012
5. Losing Each After Fall 3/14/2013
6. For Khalil (Beauty) 9/22/2015
7. Keter 9/22/2015
8. 6: 24 9/22/2015
9. Broken / Split / Torn 4/29/2016
10. The Transformative Alchemy Of A Smoking Pipe 6/4/2017
11. Lost And Wandering 8/26/2017
12. Did I Lose My Spark? 7/26/2013
13. Traffic, Love, And Eternity 11/10/2009
14. Watch It Burn... 10/14/2010
15. Washed Up Marker Blood 10/15/2010
16. We Of U'Reil 7/4/2011
17. Please Don'T Fall Down... 11/21/2010
18. Impact 11/21/2010
19. The Heart Of Nature 4/25/2011
20. The Girl, The Wolf, And The Serpent 10/14/2010
21. Gray Matter 10/17/2010
22. Grey Day 10/17/2010
23. The Gold Within The Rocky Depths Of The Heart 10/13/2010
24. Silence....... 10/13/2010
25. Love Or Loss? 2/7/2010
26. On This Broken Day 2/14/2010
27. Thank The Veterans 11/9/2009
28. Restless Mind And A Loving Heart 9/7/2009
29. Into The Starry Nothing 12/30/2009
30. No More, No More Anti-Amor 12/30/2009
31. The Unsteady Sword And The Beautiful Armor 12/30/2009
32. Reflection 12/30/2009
33. This (Sleepless) Night 12/30/2009
34. The Boy And The Crimson Roses 12/30/2009
35. No, It's Not Suppose To... 10/23/2010
36. The Subconscious Shield 12/30/2009
37. The Love That's Never Said Back To You 1/10/2010
38. Stained Hands 12/3/2009
39. Pain 11/10/2009
40. The Broken Hearted Boy 11/9/2009

Comments about Peter Vector

  • Violet Warren (4/14/2010 8:58:00 PM)

    Peter Vector has an absolutely amazing way with words, no matter the style he writes his poems in. He knows how to express, and that's the talent I yearn for everyday.

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Best Poem of Peter Vector

Unity In Diversity

Unified in Diversity.
That's what people today should be.
Humans embracing harmony and happiness.
Hope that flowers from the seed,
That will allow us all to prosper.

Why does colour or race matter?
Why not join together, instead of being scrambled and scattered?
Why can't we just not plainly see,
The unity in diversity?

People will be people all the same,
And under the setting sun,
Nothing may ever change,

But I am here to take a stand,
To show the world how to finally be,

Unified in Diversity.

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Meus Angelus Of Terra

Oh, look at you my angel.
How none other can match your beauty,
How the angels and archangels cry out for you;
I will protect you my love, it is my duty.

The powers and principalities swear on heaven’s clouds.
If only they could be with you, so fair.
Then true love they could truly see,
How much joy and laughter they could share.

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