Philip Lore

Rookie (Jersey City New Jersey)

Philip Lore Poems

1. The Attack 1/22/2009
2. War In The Desert Of Iraq 1/22/2009
3. Just Hold Me Tight 1/22/2009
4. A Wife Is Waiting 1/24/2009
5. These Eyes 1/26/2009
6. Please Forgive Me 1/26/2009
7. In This Moment 1/26/2009
8. I Watched At The Base Of The Twin Towers 1/26/2009
9. Officer Down 1/26/2009
10. Its Been A Long Long Time 1/27/2009
11. When I Wish.... 1/27/2009
12. Cathy....You Are.... 1/27/2009
13. Dying In The A Shau Valley, Republic Of Vietnam '69 1/27/2009
14. To My Grandaughter Kayla 1/26/2009
15. A Day In Iraq 1/27/2009
16. On The Beat In Jersey City 1/27/2009
17. These Arms 1/28/2009
18. Our Gifts 1/28/2009
19. Time In Iraq 1/28/2009
20. Be My Valentine 1/29/2009
21. My First Love 1/29/2009
22. In Her Eyes... 1/30/2009
23. Inthe Summer Of '69 In Vietnam 1/30/2009
24. A War Poem, Up Close....And Personal 1/30/2009
25. A Wife Fears...Your Husband Died In Iraq, Signed........ 1/30/2009
26. Dreaming In Iraq 1/30/2009
27. Iraq...These Things We Do 1/30/2009
28. I Can'T Go On Like This...Far Away In Iraq 1/30/2009
29. Daddy's Special Gift 1/30/2009
30. Having Some Fun Writing...In My Bunker...In Iraq 1/30/2009
31. Mommy's Dead 1/30/2009
32. Such Fear In Soldiers Hearts... 1/31/2009
33. My Last Days In Iraq 2/2/2009
34. My Heart Cries Out For My Cathy... 2/3/2009
35. Slipping Into Darkness In Iraq 2/5/2009
36. Death Is On The Battlefield 2/5/2009
37. Soldiers 2/6/2009
38. This Soldier Wants To Say... 2/6/2009
39. Dreamin' Of Home... 2/6/2009
40. Put Your Arms 'Round Your Soldier 2/6/2009
Best Poem of Philip Lore

A Kiss

A kiss from a friend,
Means...that they care.
A kiss from your Dad,
It's pretty rare.
A kiss on the cheek at Grandma's house,
A kiss from a wife, a kiss to her spouse.
A kiss from your lover,
Lets passion unwind,
A kiss from Mom, one..of..a..kind.

A kiss from the stars,
Shining above,
A kiss from your daughter,
Showing her love.
A kiss from the sun,
Softly brushes my lips.
A kiss from your fiance,
A kiss won't last for just a day.

A kiss on the doorstep,
A kiss at the train,
A kiss in the moonlight,
A kiss in the ...

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The Attack

The Katusa's were fired,
From a field just nearby...
As I watched their trajectory,
I knew someone will die,
They fell in the night,
Explode, kill and maim,
Followed by sniper fire,
Sporadic....well aimed.

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