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1. Kettle 12/29/2017
2. Lithuania 12/29/2017
3. May Day 12/29/2017
4. Anne Frank's High Heels 12/29/2017
5. An Anthology of Rain 12/29/2017
6. Cloud Fishing 12/29/2017
7. Lenten Song 12/29/2017
8. Another Room 12/29/2017
9. On Either Side of the Word Lie 12/29/2017
10. A Needle in the Sky 12/29/2017
11. Cumulus 12/29/2017
12. The Third Day 12/29/2017
13. Moira 12/29/2017
14. What the Intern Saw 12/29/2017
15. Out of Chaos 12/29/2017
16. Part 1/20/2003
17. The Blizzard 1/13/2003

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Best Poem of Phillis Levin

The Blizzard

Now that the worst is over, they predict
Something messy and difficult, though not
Life-threatening. Clearly we needed

To stock up on water and candles, making
Tureens of soup and things that keep
When electricity fails and phone lines fall.

Igloos rise on air conditioners, gargoyles
Fly and icicles shatter. Frozen runways,
Lines in markets, and paralyzed avenues

Verify every fear. But there is warmth
In this sudden desire to sleep,
To surrender to our common condition

With joy, watching hours of news
Devoted to weather. People finally ...

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Of something, separate, not
Whole; a role, something to play
While one is separate or parting;

Also a piece, a section, as in
Part of me is here, part of me
Is missing; an essential portion,

Something falling to someone

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