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Tiring war zone,
This place they call home,
Bullets of insults fired,
Back and forth,

What used too be...
can these poems ever answer the doubts in my mind?
this static in each space of my mind when i think of all,
i wish i hadnt done for you,

Your the only mother i have,
ever will have,
you do everything for me,
just too see me smile,

We didnt use the word 'trust'
No it was too mature,
for me and you,
You couldnt ever 'trust' me,

Dark eyes, dark hair
As dark as anything,
Shines like no other
I smile and think how it was

Differences & similarities,
but we're still the same,
we used too look just
like her now everything


First love never fades,
those dark green eyes
darker than hers by
far the smile she

Icant break through
Just let me in
I can help you please,
The bottle wont bring you up,

Life moves forward for you,
I go ten steps back,
Gone is everything i thought

Love and hate from you,
Used too them both now
You hurt then kiss me
It changes it all somehow,

a guilty expression,
a subtle apology,
created by music,
of all the words you dont care enough too say,


You walk round in a daze
All you do is smoke,
Too the one you loved the most,
You wish you were back there,

i tap my foot
too the beat of background voices
i sip tea taking from it
what the day took from me


Your smile,
It makes me shine brighter,
Than that Northern star,
This drug they call happiness,

You dont realise its dependant,
some days i fall down,
you stopped holding out your
hand too pull me outta this,

You fail at love,
You fail at hate,
You fail at friendship,
You fail your race,

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Tiring war zone,
This place they call home,
Bullets of insults fired,
Back and forth,
Til voices go raw,
& tears run dry,
Eyes get sleepy and
Ears can block out this screaming,
Fell down around us,
Those four walls for support,
so many years ago,
running in circles,
Arguments dont end here,
hearts gone numb,
and lives made revolving,
around this pain,
we call marraige,
yeah its marraige

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