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Ephemeral expounding of the real:
More hopeless than sad abature. I wish
People would preen themselves and slowly heal,
Without some needless and agathic skirmish.

I passed the tunnel
Dividing the self and foreign,
And I touched the walls
And I torched them;

Twilight lane, come to my feet,
I wish to walk forever.
(There was a story that I wish
was uttered.)

She huddles herself like a foetus
submerged in bathtub plasma,
her screams are silent screams
that desacralize the night and the rain.

Black hole sun, won't you come? *

Across my eyes, you waver
like a moth inside a jellyfish.

unfettered disruptions knocking on time's ivory door

a woman with cold feet
a prince on a white horse


wrestling winds in tireless dust
the meager face concealed in rust
the burning necklace and the ring
the water in the shore stirring

my grief is an estuary
where fresh pain mingle

with age-old regrets

she has that insouciant touch of a corpse
that never putresced with time
she has remained
as a memory remains in the crannies of the brain

festering greens squatting in fizzled quaint rain
a cocaine mitigation a shanty somber face
guttling the sudoriferous darkness bundled in a blanched blain
it is a pole chilling diamond cracking steeplechase

Like a voyeur of suffering, you've viewed me,
Like a garrote, you've sedulously subdued me,
To my inferiority, my pain you've imputed,
I have found myself alone and muted,

comfort the waters of turning harmony
the wild is writhing in malign agony
in this shifting nature of the lights
there is no glow within just cacophony

The loss sleeping
inside the clock
smiles dourly
at the glum silhouette

indisposed yellowbelly
occluding the assiduous in a trunk-hard doggerel-rough spite
uxorial concubinal prurience envy
quarrying the hunk of proclivity in a sentiment-heavy

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Just a cloud trying hard not to fall as rain.)

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A Sonnet To Society

Ephemeral expounding of the real:
More hopeless than sad abature. I wish
People would preen themselves and slowly heal,
Without some needless and agathic skirmish.

I walk in strange despair, but why the world
Is jocund quite: has no idea at all;
Shall wait until the doom has really unfurled-
Till then oh, savor the impending fall!

Lukewarm, small tete-a-tete among fremd strangers-
None shall know anyone. Woods, rivers, hills,
Just places not to be, just rattling dangers
To the created solitude, health pills.

The children have their hands held out, go on,
Go on, hold them before they are all gone.

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she is whole as a dewdrop sticking to a cobweb

Is this prismatic place really just a cage?

And hatred seeps into the window blocking light from within, and the roof crumbles into the skin, and the teardrops like cinders glow.

Like ink to water, Like diversity to death, Like money to fire, Like skin to a spearhead, What are we But specks to eternity?

life is a fissure upon the most uniform surface of death

it is in the aorta of darkness not some mere shadow that i find my will to thrive

tomorrow let's begin to climb every black ladder to reach a bluer harmony

Textile moon, starry umbel, udder of darkness: Uncork the unbearable lightness of sleep; So, I may cry tonight.

and everything hides itself within the shadows of feral nature

an invective against the small things this mammoth wasteland

blue too blue bluer than the bluest ocean her grumous grief

shadows fettle the ripples that carry light from a different world

withering twilight chromatic mist shadows bestrewn solitude unbroken

the bolide of truth strikes the eyes falls infinitely

the bullet of life pierces slowly the water of death

the turret of despair brings more hope than ever

gimcrack as a clock he holds on to something that will never stop for anyone

streetlight-smoke engulfs me in light i feel no warmth but the harsh cold of darkness

welts on the sky at sunset whipped all day

your cold touch has written a slumbering poem i cannot speak lest it wakes up

your eyes are ice behold the beauty in all its warmth and let it turn to water

the night whimpers in all majesty as if darkness were a purpose

the ceiling fan has converted to atheism realizing it is no god

i have been breaking walls thinking they caused the divide the divide was the cause

the skin soaked all the oil yet it is the soul that burns i wish it were my funeral

the future consumes us with such intimacy as if it were our past

flickering halo of reality come find your darkness in my dreams

the venom leaves the snake sparkles in the sunset it's autumn

chopin slithers in calm taps on the door from inside

it is not melancholy but denial that scuppers all encouragement

the wind on the roof casts pearls before swine when it beckons me to fall

emetic scenes hold me by the neck and pull me back to reality

i am at my bourn the evening is dark yet warm the beautiful patterns of clouds are imperceptible now

cloak-and-dagger war flesh tired of bones chaos all too flexible

you always were fond of aberrations now you wander the edges in search of level land

calibrate your sadness against his and then call it love

too ordinary this pursuit always ends in silence

parsimonious leprechaun guides you to a ditch when the treasure is up on a tree

she stood disciplined flat as paper critics now disregard her

pigeon-faced cold why is my soul the only home familiar to you

it is catch-as-catch-can always the delight of sacrificing yourself

propitiating with death won't provide you contentment or make you feel alive

fake to shake it hand in hand with all fools in a whirligig

poetry is about giving dimension to your depression

the loneliness of wisdom is crippling

and in your eternity man will not find a voice to say goodbye

belligerent anxiety incising the tear glands ocular sands muddling into a ganges by the ranges of many an exorbitant depression fleeting expressions of different indifference

you look up and down hoping for the ground to consume you hoping for the ceiling fan to fall

her faucet leaks she can no longer laugh hurriedly she closes her windows

Tonight is a dream. Tomorrow there'll be no one. You'll walk with a limp.

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