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I am the last born in the family of four girls and five boys. My father is a muslim my mum is a Presbyterian and I was baptised in Islam but I do congregate with Presbyterians. I have a diploma in irrigation technology from Natural Resources College Malawi.

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Only supporting post of Tanzania
Found in Tanzania
Strongest bridge of Africa to Heaven
An extension worker of GOD
Doing development with the people
Building self reliance
Coordinator of Natural peace and justice
Kiboooo The senator
Immediate solutions for these confusions are needed
Verbal wars amongst leaders
Conflicts and wars in Africa
Poverty and HIV/AIDS in Malawi
Tanzania and entire Africa obey and respect you
For your highest peak is covered by clouds
Kilima the mountain
You remind me of something
You remind me of Zimbabwe
Stone house built without mortar by strong men of Zimbabwe
You remind me of pyramids in Egypt
Designed and constructed by Egyptian engineers
Kilima the mountain-Njaro the whiteness
You remind me of Nelson Mandela
Living testimony of this generation and generations to come
Kilimanjaro you are the white mountain in the world
Freedom comes from the spotted rocks seen on your snowfields
You remind me of Natural Resources
The most beautiful compass inna de warm heart of Africa
You are the leg of GOD IN Africa
Kicking out enemies of Africa
African continent is dismantled like a treadle pump
Lest any root of bitterness many may become defiled
I know you are not a profane but the blessed
That you can fight against all these neo-colonialism
For you are an extension worker of God
You have power to restore human rights
Because the bright day of Africa is in the hands of young Africans
And the bright day of the whole world is in the hands of young wise ghetto boyz

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pitilosi mdala Popularity

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