(03) The Shewolf Pups Poem by J.B. LeBuert

(03) The Shewolf Pups

Rating: 2.9

Before the floods came, Shewolf abandoned her brood.
She did it to survive, this showed She was quite shrewd.
They had learned what they needed; now they were alone.
They stayed put when She left, they were now on their own.

They waited anxiously for her to soon return.
Before very long their stomachs started to churn.
Their cries began, as hunger whetted their craving.
They must venture out and begin misbehaving.

The largest of the three pups, peeked out just to see,
The others ventured behind without any glee.
They had learned to stalk and hunt, now they must begin,
Before they would starve, they were quite hungry and thin.

Their keen senses caught the aroma of some prey.
Yes, they would now eat something, on this very day.
They formed a pack, and started to circle a doe.
She was about to be killed; this, she did not know.

The new leader of the three Shewolves, crouched and pounced.
The doe quickly dodged, began to run, and then flounced.
As the other two Shewolves jumped, and took her down.
It was over soon and now blood covered the ground.

Their very first kill was an extremely great thrill.
They would learn from this day, and their moment of skill.
They could hunt as a real team; it would be alright.
They stalked and killed once again, that very same night.

They returned to the lair later and had their fill.
Hoping they could find their mother would be there still.
This was not to be, Shewolf wouldn’t return here,
That was part of the plan, you needn’t be a seer.

The very next dawn they gathered at the cave’s mouth.
They knew with the downpour, it was time to head south.
They set off hoping to see their mother close-up.
Time to go now, they were alone, The Shewolf Pups.

The third poem of the twenty poem Shewolf Saga. In the poems each line contains twelve syllables and the title is the last words in each poem.
J.B. LeBuert

J.B. LeBuert

Kenmore, New York
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