J.B. LeBuert Poems

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(01) Serious Stuff

Dawn had approached and it slinked and slithered about.
It smelled the strong odors with its pointed short snout.
It knew how to hunt, creeping down and staying low,
The saliva began to secrete and to flow.

(02) Shewolf Is Back

Shewolf did prefer to stalk in the twilight hour;
She'd drag some back to the lair, for all to devour,
It was matter of choice, not an obsession.
I viewed with my camera, that's my confession.

(19) The Creator

The posse of twenty was still gone on the hunt.
The sixteen wolves were fleeing from the hunter's front.
The trackers and hunters had supplies that would last.
It was raining hard, and the trail was fading fast.

(12) The Gold Rush Is On

They had driven off only two miners of gold.
Their attack had worked and was considered quite bold.
The gossip had spread and now more miners came armed.
It would be harder to live now, men had been harmed.

(06) Together Again

They're all together again after a long hunt.
The wolf pups never gave up, not even the runt.
This is the first time that their mother did give in.
She's accepted their presence, let the hunt begin.

(03) The Shewolf Pups

Before the floods came, Shewolf abandoned her brood.
She did it to survive, this showed She was quite shrewd.
They had learned what they needed; now they were alone.
They stayed put when She left, they were now on their own.

(04) The Search Begins

The rain came in torrents as the wet monsoon raged.
The Shewolf pups headed south, that’s what they had gauged;
Drenched to the bone, with a raging river to ford;
They now wanted to cross, without losing their hoard.

(15) Peace Never Lasts

If only the Shewolves could live in lasting peace.
The greed of the humans and their lust never cease.
The gold fever and need for more money won't stop.
It would be magic if the wolves came out on top.

(13) They Had To Retreat

The war between the miners and Shewolves went on.
Both sides raged on, determined the other be gone.
The three Shewolves were hunted, and sought refuge now.
They loved their homeland, and hated now to kowtow.

(14) The Feisty Artist

The miners liked fun so they hired an artist.
She had great talent and the guile of the smartest.
She brought a small troupe to help with risqué stage plays.
They cheered this fair woman, she set their hearts ablaze.

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