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0973.Mata Amritanandamayi-Raining Mercy - Poem by amma and rajappa

Divinity finding its expression
Acceptance of the masses
Forthcoming with piety
Krishnabhava, oneness with Krishna
Mother you became absorbed
In the Supreme Being by Thy free will,
Thee wished to merge once for all
Leaving all of us ever on this earth,
An inner voice raised its decibel,
“Thousands of your children,
Are in the abyss of misery,
Redeem them, you are with me”

This clarion call made you
Our Mother messiah of the masses
You read the minds of people
Knowing without showing,
Empathy and sympathy
Inborn in thy blood,
Turning consolation your mission
With a vision of compassion!

Big banyan tree that stands alone wide,
Abode of Siva, the master of silence,
For seasons and reasons, became the point
Of assembly for the devotees so gifted
Mother, you revealed the divinity
Ready to take burden of all!
You spread your tongue like Kali the pure
Taking the camphor live and burning
Over the organ swallowing like cake
that left no trace of burn or pain!

This confirmed the greatness of Thee my mother
Attracting crowds from inside the state
And outside of Kerala, God’s own country
Relief from pain, disease and drought,
And cushion from troubles of finance or marriage
Some just made it, curiosity driving from back
But for many it was devotion to Thee my Mother
With a certainty of a solution for their troubles!

There was a great king called Daksha; he was the son of Lord Brahma; he had 27 daughters. Sati devi was one of them. Daksha gave his daughter Sati in marriage to Lord Shiva. During the conduct of a fire sacrifice, when Daksha entered the arena, every one except Lord Shiva stood up to respect him. Daksha felt very insulted by Lord Shiva's behaviour. So when he conducted a yaga again, he did not invite his daughter Sati and his son in law Lord Shiva. Sati felt sad because of this and went to the Yaga against the wishes of Lord Shiva. She was badly insulted by her father Daksha and jumped in to the sacrificial fire. Shiva hearing this rushed to the place but could not save Parvathi. He cut off the head of Daksha and took the body of Sati in his hand and started dancing furiously. Due to the severe shake body of Sati got split into 18 pieces and these pieces fell down in different places of India. These places are called Shakthi Peethas. Some people are of the opinion that there are 51 Shakthi Peethas and yet others of the opinion that there are 108 Shakthi Peethas.

Sankara wrote Sakthi Peetha Stotra; in that names the places of Shakthi Peethas and the name of the Goddess in those temples are mentioned:

Part of the body fallen - Place - Name of Shakthi

1. Groin - Trimkomali (Sri Lanka) - Sankari devi
2. Back Part - Kanchi (Tamilnadu) - Kamakshi devi
3. Stomach - Praddyumnam (Gujarat) - Sri Srunkala devi
4. Head hairs - Mysore (Karnataka) - Chamundeswari devi
5. Upper teeth rows - Alampur (Andhra Pradesh) - Jogulamba devi
6. Neck - Srisailam (Andhra Pradesh) - Bhramramba devi
7. Eyes - Sholapur (Maharastra) - Mahalakmi devi
8. Right hand - Nanded (Maharastra) - Ekavenika devi
9. Upper lip - Ujjain (Madya Pradesh) - Mahakalai devi
10. Left hand - Pithapuram (Andhra Pradesh) - Puruhutika devi
11. Navel - Cuttack (Orissa) - Girija devi
12. Left cheek - Draksharamam (Andhra Pradesh) - Manikyamba devi
13. Vulva - Gauhathi (Assam) - Kamarupa devi
14. Fingers (hand) - Prayaga (Uttar Pradesh) - Madhaveswari devi
15. Head - Jwala (Himachal Pradesh) - Vaishnavi devi
16. Breast - Gaya (Bihar) - Sarvamangala devi
17. Wrist - Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) - Visalaksi devi
18. Right Hand - Kashmir - Saraswathi devi

Sakthi Peetha Stotra by Adi Sankara:

Transliteration of the Sanskrit slogam

Lankayam Shankari devi, Kamakshi Kanchika pure
Pradyumne Shrinkhala devi, Chamunda Krouncha pattane

Alampure Jogulamba, Sri shaile Bhramarambika
Kolha pure Maha lakshmi, Mahurye Ekaveerika

Ujjainyam Maha kali, Peethikayam Puruhutika
Odhyane Girija devi, Manikya Daksha vatike

Hari kshetre Kama rupi, Prayage Madhaveshwari
Jwalayam Vishnavi devi, Gaya Mangalya gourika

Varanasyam Vishalakshi, Kashmire tu Saraswati
Ashtadasha Shakti peethani, Yoginamapi durlabham

Sayamkale pathennityam, Sarva shatri vinashanam
Sarva roga haram divyam, Sarva sampatkaram shubham

Goddess Shankari in Sri lanka, Kamakshi in Kanchipuram,
Goddess Shrinkhala in Pradyumna and Chamunda in Mysore
Goddess Jogulamba in Alampur, Goddess Brhamarabika in Sri Shailam,
Goddess Maha Lakshmi in Kolhapur and Goddess Eka veera in Mahur
Goddess Maha Kali in Ujjain Purhuthika in Peethika,
Goddess Girija in Odhyana and goddess Manikya in the house of Daksha,
Goddess Kama rupi in the temple of Vishnu, Goddess Madhevaswari in Allahabad,
The flame gving Goddess in Jwala muki and Mangala Gouri in Gaya.
Goddess Visalakshi in Varanasi, Goddess Saraswathi in Kashmir,
Are the 18 houses of Shakthi, which are rare even to devas.
If read in the evening daily, it leads to killing of all enemies,
And also curing of all diseases and getting of all types of wealth.

Lalithambika is called KEVALA………623 Lalitha Sahasranamam

Meaning: the one that stands out; She is not tainted by any property or blemish; pure;
In a way it is the supreme way of expressing Advaitha philosophy; the one without a second
I pray Mother kali to give shade to all Her children ever


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