1. An Angel

Is it cute or it is harsh, ,
I don’t know… cuz my heart falls …just like wind..
In the ocean…. With several… broken, , , ICY, , n ICY wind..
I m all spoken… I m all done… I don’t have words…only frozen dreams….
I cant cry cuz.. my tears dried my eyes freeze ……
My throat… struggling to say….. god plz give me …peace…
Ya I want to rest in peace…. Cuz.. the stage is all frozen…
And I m only performer with all cold winds…
Plz pull the curtain down and don’t say… time to freeze…
Cuz im all done… n want to rest in peace..
Far away form these frozen winds.. and from frozen dreams….

Suddenly my ears melt down…with the whispering sound…
That Hey I m with you…. I m with you…
The sound so hot the sound so chilled… I don’t had words to revel…
I looked back..their another lonely stranger standing with broken frozen wings..
The angel with broken frozen wings…
The words come out from my dried throat HELLO..! !
Hello was the reply with the warmest wind melting me down..
The cold breeze reached her out wiped away the hairs from her face
She is the beauty, my heart pounded again…
Now I m floating …in melted icy sea..
So cold… much colder than the icy winds
Don’t have dare nor I m so strong to fly with my broken wings
But still I tried and I hope that I will fly again with my wings

My heart pounded like a thunder to give me warmth
And now I want to live live for me live to reach the sky again
To fly and I will cross this ice land with my broken dreams
And I looked her again… the blue eyes…
The broken wings
The red lips…
The frozen smile
The uneasy walk
The words, the fake laugh

I told her that we both can fly
We both can fly high in the sky
With Two broken wings
So let me be ur wings
So let me be ur dream
So let us fly, This frozen icy land of old love n broken dreams with frozen winds
And we will reach the land where the sunshine is always on our shoulder
And let us fly together… far away from this frozen stage
And she whispered again…
I m with you … I m with you
We both crossed the frozen sea
We reached the island of our dreams
I was smiling and laughing a lot
And asked god…LET it BE..
Let it be my home..let it be our home
Let it be my dream …
My wings are fine now..
Now I adore my wings
i adore god…
and I adore you
then she whispered again
I m with you…
I m with you
I m the angel send down from heaven
And I m always with you
I m your hope
I m the light
I m the warmth
N I m with you
N I m with you
The wind blew again
And the angel is gone
And I m on a land of my own
But now I m in play I am on the stage
Of life of others
Of life of others
To teach them how to light the hope
To teach them life means more
To teach them love is a game
If u loose… u can also live
And u can also fly …
With the broken wings
With the broken dreams
And the sound came
I M with u..
I m with u

The angel my friend was you” ASHIMA”…..

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Poem Edited: Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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Comments about 1. An Angel by JAIDEEP GARG

  • Ency BearisEncy Bearis (10/7/2009 10:04:00 AM)

    a good concept to your angel Ashima..nice creative write....

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  • Amanyu T (10/7/2009 2:30:00 AM)

    an angel is a very nice poem

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  • Alicia McnamaraAlicia Mcnamara (10/6/2009 10:50:00 PM)

    Wowthat is deep comment on mine plz

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